Bloodshifted by Cassie Alexander

Edie Spence,  Book 5

Synopsis: Ambushed. Blindfolded. Kidnapped by vampires. Edie Spence must race against time to save herself and her baby—from the nightmare that flows through her veins…

As a nurse in the hospital’s secret Y4 ward, Edie has seen her share of daytimers. Once-ordinary humans who’ve tasted vampire blood, daytimers are doomed to serve their nighttime masters. Forever. And now Edie has to face something even more horrifying: she’s become one too…


Abducted by the vampire, Raven, Edie is taken to the catacombs beneath the Catacombs, an ironically-named L.A. night club that supplies fresh blood and other favors for its vampire Masters. Edie has no intention of swapping her nurse’s uniform for a cocktail dress—not when her newborn infant needs her. But if she and Asher—her shapeshifter fiancé—can’t figure out a way to bleed Raven’s power, they may never get out of this plasma-soaked pleasure palace…undead or alive.

Review: After the end of the last book, I was excited to read this fifth novel. Oh yes because we were left with a terrible cliffy. Edie had been taken against her will by a rather terrifying vampire but in addition to this, the young woman had just learned she was pregnant. Many problems, isn’t it? So I was very curious to see what Cassie Alexander would offer us this time!

From the beginning, Edie is found in a new environment and while she hoped to stay safe the time to find a way to escape this situation; it seems that this is impossible. Indeed, after realizing that she is actually settled in the catacombs of a club where we can find prostitutes, drugs and blood whores, it seems like some would like kill her more than anything. And when she became the kind of persons she has always hated, Edie will be at the heart of a story that transcends her. Now in addition to having to find a way to save her and the baby she wears, she must also try to understand what these vampires are hiding at all costs and save more people than what she thought. But could she do that in such a difficult place?

Edie will have to quickly show a survival instinct here, and while she had shared this weight in the previous volume with Asher, she will be alone here. Constantly monitoring what is happening around her, trying to integrate or at least to stay alive and to hide the fact that she is pregnant, she will have to try to be discreet, but Edie is not like that, and she will quickly attract the ire of others. I loved finding the young woman here, she is strong, determined and ready for anything. She does not know who she can trust and everyone seems to want something from her, which is quite tricky. None of the other characters we know is really here, except at the very end of the novel and it is true that it was quite surprising and interesting to see the young woman alone throughout the story. However, we can also say that she is very lucky to have friends who are willing to do anything to help her, whatever happens.

It was again a very good novel that I took a great pleasure in discovering it. We do not have this time a real cliffy but I am very curious to see more again. Action, betrayal and an explosive heoine! A good series to read.




32 thoughts on “Bloodshifted by Cassie Alexander

  1. Why haven’t I heard of this series before? And it’s already on book 5? Jeez. I’m behind on so many good series! So glad this one doesn’t end with the same caliber of cliffhanger as the previous one though, I think I’m getting an ulcer from the stress of so many series cliffhangers! Thanks for putting this one my radar Melliane!

  2. Wow, this sounds like a very dramatic series. I’d be interested in hearing how the news with her baby turns out, that’s always such a huge change for any character.

  3. Isn’t that always the way – someone always wants something from the lead characters. I find that I don’t normally see as many cliff hangers in adult SFF books. That’s more of a YA thing thankfully. If I started seeing too many of them in my adult books I’d go bonkers.

  4. This is another series I am wishing I jumped on when Maja@The Nocturnal Library introduced me to it. I can’t believe it is already on the fifth book. ERRR! I need to get on it.

  5. Cliffys always make you crave for the next book bad, right? 😉 I’m glad to hear that Edie is a strong female lead and has a good head on her shoulders. Yay for good friends 🙂 Always needed! Great review, Melliane!

  6. I really like this series too, but I’ve been putting off reading this one b/c I was under the impression that it was the last book in the series. Do you know something I don’t know? *crosses fingers* *wishes and hopes* Regardless, great review, Melliane!

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