Giving Him Hell by Jamie Quaid

Saturn’s Daughter, Book 3

Synopsis: Tina Clancy is looking forward to a nice, quiet Christmas, but life has other plans for the newly-minted lawyer. As a Daughter of Saturn, Tina expects a healthy dose of crazy in the Zone, Baltimore’s roughest docklands. Sparkling holiday lights that spontaneously combust – check. Garden gnomes swimming in sauna-like snow melt— check. But when a blue blob crawls out of the red-hot sewer— that’s a bridge too far.

Soon, Tina is trying to exorcise a malevolent ghost, stop the ruthless local chemical plant from bulldozing her neighbors, and banish endangered tourists from her increasingly quirky home. At the same time, she’s trying to figure out whether her drop-dead sexy client, Andre Legrande, is a gift-wrapped present or a stocking full of coal. Oh— and Tina just may have accidentally opened a gateway to Hell.

Review: I like this original series and I was curious about this third volume. The story is in the same vein as the previous one and it was interesting to find out again our heroine.

Tina Clancy, now a lawyer full-time in the Zone, has many things to manage. Of course, there is never a break in this very different place and the problems start again fairly quickly. Yes even at Christmas there is no break for our characters. But the danger is there, threatening everyone and our heroine will have to quickly find some solutions to her problems. Between Andre who decides he wants to go further with Tina while she must manage him as a customer and Dane / Max who despite his position is still determined to start again an affair with the young woman and to protect her. Yes, our lawyer has much to do! But we can add to that some passages in a different dimension, relationships that evolve, ghosts returned to haunt the living and a strange blue light that can talk.

It was an interesting novel even if it is true I think it goes a bit all over the place sometimes. A little something is missing but the ideas of the author are very original and it was fascinating to discover more about the world and its characters. I confess what I enjoyed the most during the reading was to see Justine relationships with the two men in her life. She tries to draw a line for Max, she tries to resist with Andre since he is her client but her resolutions are hard to keep, especially when both are determined to make her flinch.

It was like I said a different interesting story. The novel is read quickly and the writing is quite fluid and while it’s true that sometimes I have trouble understanding some of the choices of the author on the aftermath of her plot, I spent a good time with everything and it was an original discovery again.




28 thoughts on “Giving Him Hell by Jamie Quaid

  1. This one does not seem like the read for me. You know I hate love triangles and books that are all over the place (unless they’re done SUPER right but that SUPER difficult to find) so this one just isn’t for me. *sigh*
    I do love the fact that your persevering with this one though.

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