Wicked Embers by Keri Arthur

Souls of Fire, Book 2

Synopsis: Crimson Death, the plague like virus spawned from a failed government experiment to isolate the enzymes that make vampires immortal, continues to spread. Emberly and her partner, Jackson Miller, are desperately seeking the stolen research for a cure before the virus becomes a pandemic.

But their mission is jeopardized by another threat uncovered in Emberly’s prophetic dreams. A creature of ash and shadow has been unleashed on a murdering spree. Now Emberly must summon all her gifts and investigative knowledge to put an end to this entity’s brutal rampage—even if it means placing herself in harm’s way….

Review: I loved the first book and it’s true that I waited impatiently for the second volume to see what the author had in store for us once again. I think that I was a little less carried away this time but I had again a great time with the story and the characters.

As in the first volume, a premonitory dream will launch our heroine, and Jackson, on a new investigation. Indeed, it seems that a strange creature is in town, leaving corpses in her way. As it was eating on freshly dead people, it seems that it now wants to turn to the living, and the youngest, the best. Then, it’s up to Emberly to understand what is happening and to stop the creature before it kills someone. But this quest will also lead her to cross the path of her ex, Sam, and thus to face all the feelings she is trying to bury deep within herself. Yet that’s not all … In fact, our characters will also face the consequences of the first volume, that is to say the becoming of the humans into something else because of the epidemic that is spreading elsewhere more and more. It also seems that many conspiracies are running over it all.

Many things are mixed in this novel, many events and it is quite important to remain attentive to the details not to get lost in the story. By cons, it is true that we learn a little more about the Jackson’s past, about the life of the phoenixes or even about the reason for the sudden change of attitude for Sam. I confess that I suspected about the revelation, as well as the identity of the villain of the story, but it’s true that it was interesting to learn more. By cons is true that I was really surprised by the new type of creature that Keri Arthur brought us here and the author reserves us many things about it.

Of course, the story between Sam and Emberly remains very tense and I wonder if one day the tensions will diminish a little bit so they could talk a little more about what they want both. This relationship makes me think of the one between Quinn and Riley from the Riley Jenson series and I wonder if the purpose will be the same.

In any case it was a good second book and I’m curious to see what the next book will present us.




29 thoughts on “Wicked Embers by Keri Arthur

  1. I really enjoyed the first one too Melliane, so I’m looking forward to reading this one:) The only thing I didn’t like is that she has to sleep with another phoenix to keep her strength up (what?) so that of course makes a meaningful romantic relationship with Sam difficult. Who could blame him! I’m hoping that will get sorted out at some point:)

  2. I loved the first book too, and I just got this one in the mail a few days ago (btw, the US cover is much prettier than the UK one). I don’t know when I’ll find the time to read it, but I hope it’s soon. UF is keeping me alive during this heat wave, I’d go nuts otherwise.

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