The Eterna Solution by Leanna Renee Hieber

Eterna Files, Book 3

Synopsis: The exciting conclusion to a sumptuous gaslamp fantasy series

Leanna Renee Hieber brings Victorian London and New York to life and fills both cities with ghosts and monsters. Two groups of paranormally talented investigators discover that the Eterna compound—thought to be the key to immortality—is, instead, a powerful protective charm. That protection is sorely needed, for both England and the U.S. are under attack by dark forces.

Having vanquished the demonic pretender to the British throne, the now-united forces of the Eterna Commission and the Omega Department reach America ready to take on a new menace. But like the United States itself, this evil is rapidly spreading from sea to shining sea. Will the new magic our heroes have discovered be strong enough to defeat it?

With its blend of Victorian details, complex plots, and compelling characters, Hieber’s fascinating historical fantasy continues to earn critical acclaim and has a dedicated readership.

Review: After reading the first two volumes, I was curious to embark on this third and last opus. As always, we find all the characters that we took pleasure to discover in the previous volumes. Besides, I really appreciated the fact that the story focuses mainly on Rose and Clara. I always find them both very interesting!

Our heroes are facing a new affair here and they will have to make every effort to manage this new threat. In addition to that, we will also follow the relationships of the young women and I admit that it was very touching to see Clara and Bishop turn around clumsily throughout the story.

I had a little trouble getting into the story for the first two volumes and it is true that I had the same feeling with this last novel. I can not really point the reason but it’s true that I still have some problems with the story. In any case, it was a really interesting trilogy and the author has created a really fascinating universe in this series!



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  1. I love historical paranormals and it sounds good. Yeah, I’ve had that happen with some books just feeling off to me and I can’t fully love them though I don’t know why. Glad you could enjoy the two characters.

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