Unhuman Light by Chris Stoneheart

Chronicles of the Light, Book 1

Synopsis: Bodies keep piling up, but Kaitlin O’Malley refuses to back down, even when threatened by someone once worshipped as a god. Training for a battle between good and evil, she teams up with the Dragon King and a powerful lion, and finds herself protected by a Master Vampire who wants her in his bed.

With a vile enemy ready to destroy her, the men in her life lock her up to keep her safe, but Kaitlin will never let other people fight her battles. She’ll have to break free and venture out on her own, wielding a powerful weapon to protect herself — a weapon her enemies would kill for. To face the enemy alone, Kaitlin must view the world in an Unhuman Light.

In a supernatural battle of magic and strength, can an unlikely human prevail?

Review: I must admit that I was intrigued when I discovered the synopsis of this novel and I was curious to get into the story. I was quite surprised first of all by the number of pages because the book is thick enough and I was afraid that it would drag a little bit in length. However, it’s not the case and I really had a good time with the story.

Kaitlin is a young mother who will do anything for her daughter. Human like the others? Not quite no, because she has powers that many will envy her. But these powers also attract the attention of many very dangerous people and our heroine will have to make important choices!

I had a really good time with Kaitlin. This young woman is a psychologist who, in the evening, fights the evil forces but she will attract the attention of vampires and other creatures, some very charming and I loved seeing them all interact together. Our heroine will find herself embarked on a story that totally exceeds her and which will allow her to discover a world of which she knew very little.

Because of its length, the author allows us to really understand how this universe works and I found it really fascinating! I can’t wait to see Nathan, Aaron, Abbott, Randal and all the others again! I’m sure the author has a lot of things in store for us to do next! I can’t wait!

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