Night of the Loving Dead by Casey Daniels

Pepper Martin, Book 4

Synopsis: Pepper Martin, heiress-turned-cemetery-tour-guide, has her hands full with work, two hotties, and the ghosts who won’t let her rest — or work, or shop — in peace …

The last thing Pepper wants during her Chicago business trip is more ghosts seeking her help, as they’ve been doing ever since she hit her head on a tombstone. Then again, being bored stiff during a seminar might actually be worse than being with bored stiffs.

The specter of Madeline — a young woman in a lab coat — wants Pepper’s help. Before she died, Madeline worked with Dan Callahan, the sexy, mysterious doctor who once saved Pepper’s life. According to Madeline, Dan’s in danger. But, little does Pepper know, there’s more to the story, including a devious doctor — and an obsessive, crazy love …

Review: I always love to discover the novels of this series! I always have a great time and can not wait to get into the sequels.

This novel tells us many things and I was finally happy to know more about Dan! Yes, we will discover the secrets we have been waiting for since the first volume and I must say that some are very surprising! Poor Pepper will of course find herself in a catastrophic situation, far more than all her old investigations! In this one, she meets Madeline, a former research assistant who is looking for help! She wants Pepper to investigate a clinic where Dan seems to be working. You know that when it comes to Dan, the young woman has a growing curiosity, just like us! But now, presenting herrself as a patient and understanding exactly what is happening will put her in grave danger!

As I said, it was once again a great novel and we will learn more about ghosts and what they can do. The author offers us a lot of revelations and it was a pleasure to discover this story that surprised me more than once! I recommend this series if you want a good investigation, a love story a little complicated and especially full of ghosts and a heroine who has no equal to put herself in very dangerous situations!

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