Bloodlines by S.K. Gregory

The Dark Fae Chronicles, Book 1

Synopsis: When the Fae take over the world, only one girl can bring them down.

Nova and her mother take a trip to England, where Nova accidentally awakens an ancient Fae Queen. Now a prisoner to her ‘Uncle’ Phillip, Nova discovers the truth about herself – she is Fae too.

A new world order…

The Fae Queen unleashes her creatres on the world, seeking revenge on the humans and her brother, who imprisoned her. She will bring them to their knees, no matter the cost.

Nova is mankind’s last hope…

Nova escapes from her prison and finds that the world is no longer recognizable. Humans are struggling to survive, driven underground, they scavenge food where they can. Nova stumbles across some of the survivors who take her in, not knowing what she is. It’s time for Nova to make a choice. Side with the humans who raised her, or her true family – the Fae. As the only one who can overthrow the Queen, Nova may be the last hope of humankind.

Which side will she choose?

Review: I love faes and the cover was very nice, so I was curious to discover the story.

Nova’s life will be disrupted during a trip with her mother. She doesn’t expect to discover a secret that everyone has kept from her: she is a fae. But here it is, it is a gift as much as a curse and as the world begins to change, she will have to decide which side to take: faes or humans. And it won’t be such an easy choice.

I found the ideas interesting and if I love faes, I had a little trouble I must admit with this story. It was intriguing to follow our heroine in search of her story, and to see her trying to adapt to this new world she no longer really knows.

The author had a lot of ideas with his novel, although I must admit that it may not have been exactly for me.

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