Guest Post : Amanda Stevens, Graveyard Queen series

We’re so glad today to have Amanda Stevens on the blog. Her series: Graveyard Queen is just awesome, if you haven’t tried it yet, you really need to! And if you’re interested, here are my reviews about the first, second and third book.


The Withering World of Amelia Gray
When I was little, cemetery exploration was a favorite pastime.  My house was situated between two graveyards and I spent many a Sunday afternoon wandering through the maze of headstones and statuary.  One of the cemeteries was abandoned and I wasn’t allowed to visit there alone.  Naturally, it became a favorite escape.  Nestled in a deep forest and shrouded by shade, the forgotten graveyard was a place of enchantment, a mysterious necropolis of sunken graves, crumbling headstones and fallen angels. The burials were old—pre-Civil war—and the symbols carved into the headstones intrigued me.  I could daydream there for hours.
There’s a term for graveyard fascination—taphophilia.  From the Greek words taphos, meaning tomb and philia, meaning love or obsession.  A love of tombstones and cemeteries. 
When I decided to write a paranormal series, I knew I wanted the protagonist to have an unusual skill or occupation.  So I did an Internet search for strange jobs and up popped cemetery restorer—the perfect vocation for a character that would share my passion for graveyards.  She would be Southern (also like me) and a loner because her ability to see ghosts had isolated her from human companionship.  Her first name would be Amelia because it’s Southern and old-fashioned, and her surname would be Gray to symbolize the twilight world of ghosts.
Amelia became so real to me that I knew I had to create a worthy love interest, someone dark and mysterious and charismatic to lure her from the safety of her graveyard kingdom and tempt her into breaking one of her father’s cardinal rules: never associate with those who are haunted.
Papa’s rules are broken in The Restorer; the past is revealed in The Kingdom; and the future is foreshadowed in The Prophet.  Set against the withering backdrop of abandoned and forgotten cemeteries, The Graveyard Queen series offers peeks into the lush dreamscape of restless souls, deranged killers and doomed lovers. 
I’ve just been given the go-ahead for three more books in the series and I would like to invite you along on Amelia’s journey as her graveyard kingdom becomes ever darker and more mysterious.
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8 thoughts on “Guest Post : Amanda Stevens, Graveyard Queen series

  1. I just love that there will be three more books in the Amelia series – these book are so hauntingly beautiful (Pun intended) and eerie. I’ve always graveyards to be more for the living than the dead on the whole – even if we mostly try to forget about them…

  2. Oh my gosh, ever since I got into YA, I’ve had the strangest love for cemeteries too! x) I always wish that there was a graveyard near my house so I could walk through it because they’re so haunting and beautiful in that sort-of off way. It’s like a peaceful place for different Sleeping Beauties to rest for a long time, you know?

    … Just realized how morbid that sounds LOL! x)

    Awesome guest post, Amanda! I’m pretty sure I have Graveyard Queen on my TBR pile, but just in case, I’m going to go check! 🙂

  3. I love the world of Amelia Grey! I found the graveyard settings very interesting and original. If I’m honest, I was a little disappointed that there weren’t more graveyard scenes in The Prophet!I can’t wait for the next three books!

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