Angel’s Ink by Jocelynn Drake

The Asylum Tales, Book 1

Synopsis: Buyer beware . . .
Looking for a tattoo-and maybe a little something extra: a burst of good luck, a dollop of true love, or even a hex on an ex? Head to the quiet and mysterious Gage, the best skin artist in town. Using his unique potions-a blend of extraordinary ingredients and special inks-to etch the right symbol, he can fulfill any heart’s desire. But in a place like Low Town, where elves, faeries, trolls, werewolves, and vampires happily walk among humanity, everything has its price.

No one knows that better than Gage. Turning his back on his own kind, he left the magical Ivory Tower where cruel witches and warlocks rule, a decision that cost him the right to practice magic. And if he disobeys, his punishment-execution-will be swift.

Though he’s tried to fly under the radar, Gage can’t hide from powerful warlocks who want him dead-or the secrets of his own past. But with the help of his friends, Trixie, a gorgeous elf who hides her true identity, and a hulking troll named Bronx, Gage just might make it through this enchanted world alive.

Review:  I waited this book for a long time and I really fell in love with the cover. I admit that at first I thought, given the young woman above, that the book would be with the point of view of a heroine, but I was surprised when I realized that I was wrong. I haven’t read a lot of urban fantasy novels about a man, so it’s always a pleasure to read something different like that. But it’s true that it’s always a bit tricky when we already have an idea in mind, because I must say I had high expectations about this one.

We discover an interesting world, where live all sorts of creatures and where we can find magic everywhere. Gage, a wizard, decided to leave this life that wasn’t for him, to become a tattoo artist. Like that he thinks he will be able to live a quiet life away from problems. But you can imagine that it’s never easy or even possible to have something like that. And when troubles catch him up, and that he can add to that so many other things, our man doesn’t have any choice. It would rather be better to bet on who will have his head before the end of the book.

I must say it took me quite some time before really enjoying the character of Gage. He is interesting and intriguing, but I needed something more to like him. This is probably due to the fact that everything comes together very quickly and eventually we cannot say much about him other than a quick explanation about his past. The story takes place in a way that we discover what happens without really truly understand our characters. However, this first volume lays perfectly the basis of the story and I am now intrigued by Trixie or Bronx, these two unusual friends. We try to understand how this new universe is actually governed or what the players want. Because here, everyone has a hidden motive.

It is quite difficult I think, to understand everything, including the impact that this first volume will have on the life of our hero. As I said before, everything happens very quickly, and it also arises many questions about what’s going on. I’m curious to see what will happen now because for me this novel is ultimately an introduction to something that could be bigger.

So it was a pleasant read and I think I’ll have to read the second volume to really get a real opinion of ​​the series. Some interesting ideas but I may not have enough developments in relation to the story.

13 thoughts on “Angel’s Ink by Jocelynn Drake

  1. OMG I did the same thing! I thought the POV was a woman so I started reading it in my head as a woman…then ‘she’ started talking about touching Trixie’s soft skin and I thought “wow…that’s pretty avant-garde for a UF book”. Then finally realized that it’s a dude’s POV! I felt so silly…and I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought like me! lol
    I feel pretty much the same way about the book as you. But I did really enjoy the characters, I didn’t love how new stuff was being thrown at you before we were able to grasp the implications of the other 6 things going on. I agree that reading the next book will decide the future of this series for me.
    Great review! 🙂

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