Angel Fire by L.A. Weatherly

Angel, Book 2

Synopsis: Only Willow has the power to defeat the malevolent Church of Angels, and they will stop at nothing to destroy her. Willow isn’t alone, though. She has Alex by her side – a trained Angel Killer and her one true love. But nothing can change the fact that Willow’s a half-angel, and when Alex joins forces with a group of AKs, she’s treated with mistrust and suspicion. She’s never felt more alone…until she meets Seb. He’s been searching for Willow his whole life – because Seb is a half-angel too.

Review: I was excited to read this second installment of the series. I really liked Angel Burn, specially the universe created by L.A. Weatherly and most importantly, the couple Willow / Alex as I found them particularly endearing.

But of course, we should expect that this pretty little love story would be threaten in this second book. So we find our two heroes who managed to escape after the events in Denver. But their respite is short-lived. Willow has a strange dream, a dream that will lead them to Mexico. And as soon as they arrive in Mexico, Alex has to lead a group of AK (Angels Killers) and prepare them for another very delicate mission: eliminate the seraphic council. But Willow is not warmly welcomed by the other AK. They do not trust her and they are avoiding her like the plague. Most of the times they refuse to talk to her and Alex is not often at her side because he is too busy to train them. So, our two lovers do not spend much time together and Willow feels lonely, unhappy and ignored by all. The arrival of a new character, Seb, another half-angel, complete to add fuel to the fire!

The story is still told from Willow and Alex’s point of view, as well as their enemy, Raziel. To these three perspectives we must also add Seb’s point of view. I confess that at the beginning, I was a little disappointed by the fact that L.A. Weatherly chose to insert a love triangle in her story. I understand that for the author it was necessary to spice up the story a little but unfortunately I didn’t connect with Seb. And I tried hard! I think it is because I was so attached to Alex when I read the first book, to the point that I had difficulties to get used to the presence of this new character. As Alex and Willow were alone all along book 1, I was a little surprised to see Seb appearing suddenly in book 2 to sow discord. I think it would have been better if the love triangle was placed in the first book instead of the second one. Because it is quite difficult to like a new character that comes out of nowhere while during over 500 pages we got used to another.

That said I understand very well why Seb is so determined and he does not intend to give up. Seb is madly in love with Willow. He was always looking for her and hopes to win her heart. Alex becomes more and more jealous and we also we understand him! How can he tolerate the presence of his rival? How to remain unmoved in such a situation? Especially when he realizes that Willow is not entirely indifferent to the charm of Seb. Not to mention the fact that the poor Alex suffers a lot of pressure because of his new status as leader and all the responsibilities that entails. In short, nothing is going right and suddenly the tension between these three characters increases and arguments break out. Concerning the characters feelings, there is much depth in this book than in the previous one. Some passages shook my heart, especially those from Alex’s POV.

The plot is still captivating. We follow with a morbid fascination the evolution of our characters in a crumbling world and the least we can say is that the situation is critical. The second wave has passed the gate, the angels are much more numerous than before and they feed on the life force of humans without any restraint. In Mexico City the situation is worsening day by day: the victims of the Angel Burn are more numerous and hospital beds are scarce. Clashes broke out between worshippers of the Church of Angels and activists for the Human Rights. The streets are the scene of violent riots. The presence of the Seraphic Council in the human world worries many angels, starting from Raziel whose thirst for power is always limitless. Rivalries rage and conspiracies are formed. The conquest for power seems launched.

It is a really exciting series. I still say the Angel series by L.A. Weatherly is one of the best series about angels that I have read until now. Well it is true that these books are really big which would tend to discourage more than one to read them but they can be read very quickly. Even though I preferred the first book, I must say I never get bored with Angel Fire. I am still a great fan of this saga and now I look forward to the third book to finally know what will happen next.

7 thoughts on “Angel Fire by L.A. Weatherly

    • For my part, yes because I was often disappointed by the stories about angels. Like Blodeuedd, I’m not a huge fan of them ! lol
      But i really like this series. It’s true that some passages are a little bit too long (it’s a big book ! lol) but until now it’s the best series I’ve read about these creatures since Hush Hush.

      But if you know others as good as this one, please Melissa, tell me 🙂

  1. Nice review, but still, I am not drawn to this series. But then, I don’t read much YA. If you want a gritty Angel series, try the Fallen Angels by JR Ward. Really good, but not light.

    • Thank you so much for the book recommendation Aurian! 🙂

      Yes I was disappointed by series of angels but it’s true that most of them were YA books.
      I still don’t know the Fallen Angels series by J.R. Ward. (I only know BDB lol). I’ll add it to my wish-list: D

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