Personal Demons by Stacia Kane

Megan Chase, Book 1

Synopsis: Megan promises listeners to her new radio call-in show that she’ll “slay their personal demons,” and they believe her. So do the personal demons… although she doesn’t know it, Megan is the only human without a demon on her shoulder! Megan and her allies – a demon lover who both protects and seduces her with devilish intensity, a witch with poor social skills, and three cockney guard demons – have to deal not only with the personal demons, but a soul-sucker, ghosts of Megan’s past, and a reporter who threatens to destroy Megan’s career !

Review: The psychologist, Megan Chase was far from suspecting that by accepting to host a radio show called Personal Demons, it would attract all the personal demons (the real ones), that they would consider her as a threat. All this mess begins this famous night when she returnes at home immediately after the radio show and finds Greyson Dante, a very intriguing man at her front door. Then her quiet and monotonous life will be turned upside down…

I confess I do not know very well what are my thoughts concerning this book. This first volume is pretty nice and well written, but I was a little bit disappointed, I expected something better.

I do not know if it was due to the fact that the novel is written in the third person and not the first but I did not connect with Megan, the heroine who seemed too ordinary. It sure makes a change compared to the kickass heroines we usually see in Urban Fantasy books but I found that she lacked a bit of punch and she was too easy to manipulate. She is an excellent therapist because she has a gift that helps her to better understand her patient’s problems. She is an intelligent and independent woman so I expected her to have a nasty temper but it was not the case.

Greyson Dante is a very interesting character. He is hot, mysterious and seems to have more than one trick up his sleeve but unfortunately he is not sufficiently exploited so I wasn’t really able to appreciate him. As for Brian, the journalist … Well, frankly I found he does not bring much to the story, maybe he will be more important later but for the moment I do not really see the benefit of his presence. Then we also meet briefly Tera, a witch who works for the Vergadering. We do not know much about this organization except that it is a sort of law enforcement agency for the supernatural. I would like to give a special mention to the three cockney guard demons as I loved them! They are much more than just bodyguards and I found them very endearing. The scene of the bathroom was touching and shows how they are devoted and loyal to Megan. It was delightful and I can’t wait to find these three demons in the next books. And concerning the personal demons, they remind me a lot the Gremlins of the movies.

The plot is slow to develop. We know it is about demons here but it remains unclear and throughout the first half of the book, I get bored. Fortunately the second half saves the entire story: there are plenty of surprises and revelations quite amazing especially concerning Megan’s past and this new world that surrounds her.

So in the end it lacked a little something to this first volume to make it a great start of the series but it is still nice and original. I will continue to read the series hoping that the next books will be more dynamic.

19 thoughts on “Personal Demons by Stacia Kane

    • Lol! Yes it’s the first one. I had some difficulties to get into it. But overall it was interesting.
      I don’t know how are the other books. Maybe they are better, I hope so. (^_^)

    • I hope you’ll appreciate it more than I did. 🙂
      It’s a bit different from what I usually read, less dynamic… I think. But the second half of the book was interesting. Then the three cockney guard demons were really amazing and they made ​​me laugh. So I recommend it anyway. (^_^)

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