The Naked King by Sally MacKenzie

Naked Nobility, Book 7

Synopsis: Indiscretion Is Just The Beginning…

One night of slight overindulgence-oh, all right, he was drunk-and Stephen Parker-Roth finds he must betroth himself to prevent yet another scandal. But his “intended” is lovely, a redheaded beauty under her horrendous, unfashionable bonnet, and before long, he’s congratulating himself on compromising such an excellent candidate-and anticipating what other naughtiness they’ll get caught at before the wedding…

Lady Anne Marston has long since given up any thought of marriage. That is the price she pays for the mistakes of her past. But one little conversation with a handsome rogue should never have led to a sham engagement. Even if it did end in a rather shocking kiss…in broad daylight…on the front step of London’s premier gossip. Now, trapped between a secret and a lie, Anne must somehow disentangle herself from this charming, maddening man before the truth comes out-or her heart gives in…

Review: Before beginning my review I would like to thank Alison Trebes and Lupanita who had advised me to try this series because I really, really loved this novel. Okay, those who know me will not be surprised to see that I started with the last one in the series. But it really wasn’t a problem although I wonder if the Damian’s couple was staged in one of the previous novels.

Lady Anne is a young woman who lives in the shame of a past event that nobody knows. She has become an “old girl” and never really got in society, preferring to live in her country and raise her brothers and sister. But when she goes to London for her sister who is old enough to find a husband she does not expect her trip to turn this way. As she walks her dog alone in the park near her home, she met Stephen Parker-Roth, a man known to make all women succumb, a little drunk. But after some adventures, he returns her home, and finally kisses her while the dog makes them both fall in the street, putting them in a rather compromising position. The story could have stopped there if the biggest gossip girl of the town had not seen them. Stephen has the perfect solution, and tells to the curious that he is engaged to Anne. You imagine that this is a surprising news for all. Despite their appeal for each other, the woman knows she can not expect anything of this proposal, especially when her past catches her up faster than expected.
I really loved this book, I fell in love with our two characters. They have a great attraction for each other but do everything to discover who they are. Despite appearances and the opinions of everyone, Stephen is not that great womanizer and he has more respect for women than we would have thought. He will do everything to protect and assist Anne, although at first, he only  likes her company. But this is not all, he is very curious about his fiance and is determined to learn from her everything there is to know, although it is not really her opinion. Our lady is wearing a dark secret from her youth and was exiled away from the London society, she does not believe for a moment that Stephen has some feelings for her, but gradually starts to really imagine herself as her future wife . Unfortunately nothing is simple and her secret is almost revealed.

Their two personalities are fascinating to explore and I understood their acts throughout the story. The plot and the story are also very interesting and it was difficult to put it down as I wanted to learn more and more. Sally Mackenzie wrote a nice little book and I definitely recommend this novel. Now I wonder if the others are also that good!


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