Blood-C 01 by Ranmaru Kotone

Blood-C, Book 1

Synopsis: Saya Kisaragi is a kindhearted, if somewhat clumsy, student who trains by day to perform standard religious duties at her father’s shrine—but she becomes an unstoppable, monster-slaying swordswoman by night! The saga that began in Blood: The Last Vampire and the Blood+ anime series continues here!

Review: Ah this series… I watched a lot of anime several years ago. A friend made me discover some very good ones and this is how I discovered Blood +. I must say it wasa very nice surprise and I watchedeach episode with a lot of pleasure. Of course I also watched the movieBlood: The Last Vampire but that I didn’t like it that much. I also watched the real movie which was released years earlier but it was the same. But when I discovered this novel, I was curious to see how the paperback copy could be. I do not have a very good memory of the anime so it’s not really possible for me to compare it, I only remember some scenes but it is true that the physical character of Sayais a little different anyway. Less tough, less dark, perhaps. But it does not interfere with the story. We discover a girl rather clumsybut who would do anything to help her friends, whatever the cost. However, she wants her father to be proud of her and for that she works a lot. Indeed, she has many choresat the temple where they live, butin addition to that, she also must fight monsters that come out at night andkill people. It is a duty she takes very seriously especially when it means saving the people she loves. Shecompletely transforms herself in these moments, becoming much more concentrated and serious about her mission.It was a pretty cute first book and I must say that I wonder how will be the others. I think if I get the chance I will try to see if the series and the anime are the same. Hmm and maybe I will have to watch the anime again to really understand the differences.

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  1. I have never heard of this series, but I’m going to check it out!

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