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Review : It is always a pleasure to see Cat and Bones in new adventures. The French publisher made us a wonderful gift by publishing these three novellas in one book, especially as the first one, Home for the Holidays takes place just after book 6. 

  • Home for the Holidays
Home for the Holidays is without a doubt my favorite novella because it’s a continuation of book 6. It’s Bones’s birthday and for the occasion, Cat wanted to surprise him by inviting all their friends at home. But Annette is missing, which is quite disturbing, not to mention the fact that Bones is behaving strangely. Once again, Cat will have to intervene and with the help of her friends Ian, Denise, Fabian and Elizabeth, she is determined to understand what is going on. 
I really loved this novella full of surprises, twists and revelations. Here Cat will have to team up with Ian, if she wants to save her friends and her husband Bones from the new danger which is threatening them. And with Ian, as you can imagine, we will have some comical scenes. Their verbal sparring are absolutely delicious. Ian of course is equal to himself: selfish, arrogant and a litle bit perverse but so funny. It was delightful to see him take a more important role here. We learn a few fragments of his past and I admit that they had only as result to tickle my curiosity even more about him. I enjoyed discovering all these things about him, especially at the end, I didn’t expect that at all. Definitely, Jeaniene Frost still manages to surprise us! He is a nice character despite all his faults and I really hope that one day he will have his spin-off too. 
The others characters however, are less present, even Bones although we learn a little more about his past too. It was also strange to see him so helpless and vulnerable to what happens to him. So, it was a very good novella and I recommend all the fans of the series to read it.
  • One for the Money
One for the Money is a novella situated between book 4 and 5 of the series. Here, Cat and Bones must protect, at the request of Don, a wealthy heiress whose death would benefit to his cousin who is determined to inherit instead of her. This second novella is pretty nice although very short, and we find our heroes in action, as they had accustomed us to at the beginning of the series. This is also an opportunity for Cat to see her mother, Justina, and maybe to reconnect with her. 
  • Reckoning
Finally, the latest novella Reckoning, focuses only on Bones because it takes place before the events of book 1, that is to say before he met Cat in Ohio. So we find Bones in New Orleans. Indeed, Jelani, the faithful servant of Marie Laveau, asks him to eliminate a couple of ghouls who attacks the tourists in the Queen of vodoo’s territory while she is absent. Bones accepts the contract and expects to achieve his mission but he is hunted by Ralmiel, another bounty hunter. It was interesting to see Bones work without Cat. But he remains efficient and very intuitive. I also liked Ralmiel and the magic of New Orleans with its festivities, Mardi Gras, its ghosts and vodoo. 

Conclusion: This book was a pleasant surprise, I enjoyed to find all the characters because I am so attached to them. It is an essential complement to all fans of the series, until the release of book 7.

13 thoughts on “Cat & Bones by Jeaniene Frost

  1. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read these short-stories, but my love for Cat and Bones, and your excellent review has now convinced me otherwise! Cat and Bones is my favorite book-couple! They always manage to fight together, not against each other, and I love that Bones respects Cat and her abilities.

    Thanks for the review Inessa 🙂

    • Oh, I’m glad to see that my review has managed to convince you ! I love this series so much although some books of the series aren’t as good as others. And like you, Cat and Bones is my favorite book-couple! 😀

    • Is it only the French translation that has all the stories in one book? *needs to check* I don’t think I’d be comfortable reading about Cat and Bones in French – but at the same time, I don’t want to pay for three short stories if I can get them all in one book.

    • I think Cat’s hair is too red! And Bones is weird. lol
      In fact I prefer Cat and Bones as they appear in the books of the series.

      One for money is the shortest novella of the book, I like it but it’s not my favorite :).

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