Redemption by Erica Hayes

The Seven Signs, Book 2

Synopsis: Japheth the Tainted is on the hunt for a mysterious demon vampire. But meeting her face-to-face might disarm his warrior spirit—and spark an unquenchable passion with apocalyptic consequences.
As a fallen angel, Japheth is determined to make his way back to heaven by staying pure and slaying hellspawn. With a new scourge of vampires unleashed by a blood-drinking demon, the Prince of Thirst, there’s plenty to be done. But Japheth is after one vampire in particular—the one they call the Angel Slayer.
Rose Harley never wanted to be a vampire, but the Prince of Thirst can turn even the kindest soul into a soldier of hell. Feeling abandoned by God, she stalks the West Village taking revenge on his angels—until she meets her match.
When Japheth and Rose encounter each other, the battle is fierce and charged with desire. But when they discover a common enemy—the Prince of Thirst himself—they form a dangerous alliance that could either cost them their eternal lives, or spark a love more powerful than heaven or hell.

Review: I enjoyed the first volume, which was a nice surprise and I was curious to discover the second. I must say that it features this time Japheth, the character that intrigued me so much at the beginning. So I was really happy to be able to learn more about him.

Our dear angel dreams only of one thing, to be forgiven and return to heaven. He wants redemption. Since he is tainted, his ultimate goal is to remain distant from all possible sins. And this is it until he meets Harley Rose, the young Angels slayer. She is a vampire, he should kill her, but it’s not possible for him to do that. She aims to make him drink her blood so she could curse her, but the feelings that arise between them jeopardize her mission. They will team up to get rid of the demon who changed her. She could then be free and He could win his ticket to heaven. But with an alliance like this one, it is always dangerous and many obstacles will get in their way.

I loved these two characters here. I must say that Japheth is very different from the other angels that we could discover. I really wanted to understand what he did to be banished from heaven. He is so straightforward and courageous, it is difficult to imagine him otherwise. So when he begins to feel desire to Rose, a demon he had vowed to kill, his entire world is turned upside down. He does not know what to do. Kill her? Help her? Love her? But he knows that whatever he decides he can no longer remain the man he was. Having spent so many years doing what was right, one person manages to distract him from his goal. He will then question himself about many things, trying to understand what he can do, although the easiest solution is never really an option. He will evolve a lot throughout the story, while discovering the truth he never wanted to know. I also enjoyed Rose, she is a young woman abused by life and trying to live as best as she can. She never wanted this life, but is obliged to follow the rules that are dictated to her. She is fragile and damaged as is Japheth, and they will try their best to help each other, not in the best way sometimes. We discover them throughout the story:  their lives and their past. All this broke my heart and made us appreciate them a little more with each chapter. It was a pleasure to follow and understand them, I think these are the two characters that I prefer for the moment in the series.

Of course there are also Jaz, this angel that we meet in the first volume. We will be able to see her a little bit in the story, and I admit that the revelation of the end left me speechless. I did not know very well which way to play and even if the idea came to me at a time of my reading I was completely taken aback when I learned the truth. It was a really good idea to close the novel like that. Now I can not wait to learn more and see how it will continue.

This is a very good novel, even better than the first and I will wait impatiently for the next one! A really great PNR series to discover for everyone!


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