Revenge of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz

The Spellmans, Book 3

Synopsis: Having been ordered into therapy after getting a little too close to her previous subject, former private investigator Izzy Spellman is wisely taking a break from Spellman Inc, having embarked on a less controversial career as a barmaid. But when her boss, Milo, simultaneously cuts her bartending hours and introduces her to a ‘friend’ looking for a private eye, Izzy reluctantly finds herself with a new client. A suspicious husband who wants his wife tailed, it would appear to be a routine case involving nothing more than that most boring of PI rituals: surveillance. But Izzy soon discovers that she’s not the only person keeping a close eye on Mrs Ernie Black and with each passing hour the Case of the Wayward Wife throws up more questions than answers.

Review: Ah, if only you knew, I have a great history with this book. I waited several years in the hope that the third volume would be translated in French (in a smaller format because it was in a large one). Yes, because I decided that since I had the first two like that in French, I had to have the following book in the same format. So I hardly expected to finally have an announcement of the release. But that day I realized it was still much cheaper to buy the book in English. Yessss you understand, I waited all this time for nothing! The good thing about that, is that I was able to immediately order the fourth volume at the end of my read. And I felt that the fifth would soon be here too. Because yes I fell in love with this series since the beginning, and even though every time I’m a little afraid of being disappointed, this really is not the case. I loved this new novel as it is just as crazy as the others.

Isabel needs to deal with a lot of problems and since the last book she is forced to follow a therapy or at least several sessions to not go to jail. I must say that she does not like it at all and did everything to pass the time (although I must say that it was always fun to see that). She now works as a bartender for Milo even if he doesn’t really agree, let alone her parents who decide that she should go back to work for them. Henry meanwhile has a pretty girlfriend, something that is not to the taste of our heroine but then it gets more complicated when Izzy comes to appreciate her too. In addition, she will try to go back to work again on a rather intriguing case, which is more complicated as we progress in the story. Rae is equal to herself and always up to something. I think she is the smartest girl I know, she knows everything about everything. David, unlike the others, changes dramatically and I am sure we will have a lot of surprised about him in the future.

Like the first one, I was totally immersed in the Izzy’s world. It is always so funny and crazy to follow her and her family, we never get bored for a second. There are moments of surprise, and I must say that even if sometimes things do not end as we would have liked, it is actually quite logical. Lisa Lutz is one of my favorite authors in this type of books and she has an undeniable talent for featuring the madness of her characters. We can only love them all. We can easily understand Izzt, we doubt with her, we’re sad and we laugh with her.

Finally, it is a new book I really loved, without any downtime. One thing, do not start to read late at night, verrryyy bad idea, I didn’t want to put it down. I look forward to my fourth book now to immerse myself in it. A series that I recommend to all of you if you want to have a good time.



10 thoughts on “Revenge of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz

  1. I hope they still release a French version to complement your collection.

    I am not familiar with this series but I do get the pull of the book. The title and cover art alone is so whimsy, helps to get you in the mood to get invested in the story.

  2. Great review, Melliane, I really want to read this now! And I totally get you waiting for a book to be in the format you wanted it in, and then ending up to get it in English anyway 🙂

    I really enjoy PI stories, and often even more so when the PI is a woman. And when there is a really good mystery, I usually get so into the book I forget about anything else.

    At least, now, you’ll be able to get the next books pretty soon – and I hope you’ll continue to love this series.

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