A Rake’s Guide to Seduction by Caroline Linden

Reece Family Trilogy, Book 3

Synopsis: Anthony Hamilton is the most scandalous man in London, a gambler, a fortune hunter, an infamous rake. Celia Reece is sure he’s never had one thought of her, except as his friend David’s younger sister. Who would ever guess she’s the only woman he’s ever loved—and can never have…

Review: When I asked for the book, I did not pay attention to the fact that it was a third volume in the series but I think it does not pose any problems and it is possible to read each novel separately. It is true that I am curious to see what happened to the other characters, but it was interesting this time to follow Anthony and Celia.

Celia is a young woman in search of a husband and luckily, her mother left her the choice of her husband (something that is actually quite rare in the historical romances). Anthony is himself known as a real libertine, but when he realizes that Celia, her childhood friend has become a real woman, his feelings towards her change. She is the only who does not judge him and who knows the person he really is. Yet overtaken, Celia agrees to marry a man before he had time to court her. But several years later, her husband dies. After a wedding actually quite sad, she returns home, convinced that she will not find another man. But Anthony is always there, always surrounded by a terrible reputation, and only this time determined to win the heart of the young woman despite the enmity of her mother.

I loved both characters and I admit that I was sad to see that Anthony was not able to win the heart of the girl before it was too late. I must say that the poor guy has a reputation for debauchery and everyone spreads rumors about him. He nevertheless remains stoic, not interfering with society and not listening to what others say about him. Yet despite his appearance, all these events hurt him but he continues his life as well. I was looking forward to see how the young man would be able to achieve his goal while courting Celia. But both are very good at hiding their feelings and the life of the young woman was not easy either. After her marriage the thought a love one, she quickly became disillusioned when she realized that all was not as rosy as she wished. But her husband was not violent or something else but only indifferent. So when she meets Anthony, she did not expect to fall in love with him, although everyone is against their relationship. Celia evolves a lot in the novel, she was very naive and blue flower at the beginning of the story, but with her experiences and the years she becomes more resolute in her choice and independent. She can no longer be dictated on her decisions and she is determined to do what she wants.

It was a nice story, and I think if I get the chance to have them I’ll read the others. A romance between two very different characters and yet who love each other deeply, despite the judgment of those around them.



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  1. Against all odds or opposites attract. Those themes are always interesting to read because the conflicts are emotionally charged and the word compromise is really highlighted. Gives us lots of insight for real-life situations.

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