Guest Post: Casey Keen – The Anna Wolfe series

What Inspires me to Write?

What drives you? What makes you better at your job, relationships, etc.? What makes you want to change the world? What makes you feel alive? Answer these questions and you’ve found your inspiration. To some, it’s a football while others it’s a glass of wine. We all have our own reasons and/or motivations backing every aspect in our lives… mine just happens to be my creativity.

What encouraged me to even attempt writing? First, it began with fondness. After I read my first paranormal romance series, I fell in love with the whimsical genre. I researched self-publishing and decided to pursue it, I mean, why not? Ideas, plots and characters piled in my head, waiting to be created. Once I opened the creative doors, I couldn’t close them! My imagination spilled out of me and onto my computer screen. I never thought I’d be a writer, or have anything worth writing about, until I opened my mind and blew the dust off my creativity.

What I enjoy most about writing is not only overcoming numerous challenges (writer’s block, stale scenes, etc.), but I feel like a kid again! I haven’t lost the remarkable ability to create, dream, envision, etc. anything I want. What’s the best part? I get to put it all on paper, making it more concrete (to me at least)! My brain giggles excitedly whenever I finish an awesome scene or create a witty response in my character’s dialogue. It’s this excitement that inspires me to continue writing.


I was born in Philadelphia, PA and grew up in the suburban outskirts of this amazing city. I love anything paranormal and/or supernatural – seriously I live in Philadelphia! For those of you who don’t know, this city is an awesomely haunted place! This healthy paranormal addiction has provided me the motivation to write my first book, “I’ll Be Damned.”

I graduated from Drexel University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and I’m currently working on the Anna Wolfe Series.



Anna Wolfe, Book 2

Synopsis: Two worlds in danger.

A Grand Witch behind bars.

A stunning Werewolf and a devilishly handsome Warlock’s pursuit for her affections.

You think you have it bad? Grand Witch Anna Wolfe awakens to find herself imprisoned by Micah, the Prince of Darkness. Micah’s on a quest for world domination—and it’s not just the Netherworld that’s in danger. The human world is threatened as well. Now, it’s up to Anna to escape from Micah’s clutches so she can locate The Scholars and an ancient book before both fall into the wrong hands.

With a fiercely loyal Werewolf and immensely powerful Warlock by her side, what can go wrong?

A lot apparently.

If fighting off the Prince of Darkness wasn’t enough, Anna’s emotions are a whirlwind, as she battles between what fate demands and what she actually wants.

17 thoughts on “Guest Post: Casey Keen – The Anna Wolfe series

  1. “What makes you feel alive?” That’s the most important question in my opinion. Surpassing challenges and challenging yourself–that’s the most wonderful thing and I’m glad to hear that creativity inspires you so much, Casey! Thanks for sharing Casey’s thoughts, Melliane 🙂

  2. Hmm…this was a really thought-provoking post Mellanie! 😀 I think it’s so important for everyone to find a passion in life; something that they really, truly enjoy. Creativity is such a rare gift, and you’re really lucky to have be inspired by it Casey! Thanks for sharing! 😀

  3. “I never thought I’d be a writer, or have anything worth writing about, until I opened my mind and blew the dust off my creativity.”

    LOVE that line! The way she described writing is the way I feel about design – it just makes me happy to put something that’s been swirling around in my head on paper. This was such a great guest post, thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Ha I Love the title of this book! And I’m also inspired by creativity when I design. I feel like I want to create something and be able to say that I did that, you know. It’s a great feeling to accomplish something that came from nothing but your own mind. Ok now I’m babbling >,< Great post, ladies!

  5. I wrote bits and pieces after reading certain books, but then this one idea formed after taking psychology and it created it’s own thing. I know many think writing is hard, but the idea’s and execution is the hard part, haha. Great guest post! 🙂

  6. AHHH <3 I love this post! it's very creative and thought provoking. I think to just get the best out of life everyone needs to find some sort of passion, and outlet for everything. if not then your end up miving a mediocre life.

  7. I’m a very creative person—always have, always will—so I share the same feeling and I couldn’t agree more about how inspiring creativity is! This is a great post and I’m so happy to read about an author so passionate about her writing, go girl! 🙂

  8. Good for you! Glad you took the leap into the booking world. Best to you. 🙂

    I do love the cover. Looks so fun.

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