Penumbra by Keri Arthur

Spook Squad, Book 3

Agent Sam Ryan wants out of the Special Investigations Unit. She’s sick of the attitude from her partner, Gabriel Stern. She’s sick of the paperwork. Most of all, she’s sick of feeling lonely. But her boss isn’t about to let her go that easily. He gives Sam a choice: either stay stuck in her office or guard a clone replacement of Dan Wetherton, a government minister. Sam reluctantly chooses the latter—even though she suspects she’s being used as bait to draw out the SIU’s elusive nemesis.

Gabriel would like nothing better than to be on his own, without a partner to hold him back. Then he learns that Sam has been assigned to protect Wetherton—or whatever it is that’s replaced him. Wetherton’s clone could have come from only one place: Hopeworth, the military base that contains the secrets of Sam’s past. Determined to protect her, Gabriel is drawn into a fight against unspeakable evil. And all too soon, Sam and Gabriel discover that the connection between them is far more powerful than anyone could ever have imagined.

Review: I was very eager to get into this third novel after finishing the second. I must say that this is the last volume the author wrote for the series and I was very curious to know the answers to my questions, including about the Sam’s past.

After the latest events and realizing that she is not happy and even more alone than ever, Sam decides to apply for a transfer. Yet it seems that Stephan does not agree with her, and offers her one last mission instead, solo, to protect the minister Wetherton. To say that Gabriel is not happy is an understatement … He did not want a partner for fear of endangering her, but the mission is far more dangerous than anything he could have done. This does not change the fact that he now also has a new partner. But of course, Gabriel feels too emotional to let Sam face alone what is happening, especially when everyone seems very interested in her. Each of the two has to work on his/her mission, the first one on a series of murders and the second has to learn more about this clone to try arrest the enemy #1 of the SIU.

I loved this story. We finally learn the truth about Sam, her past, her relationship with Gabriel, her relationship with Joe, her origins. I finally have all my answers as I confess that I am fascinated about Sam since the first volume. So it was a pleasure to learn everything that I had to know. Sam is becoming more confident, desperate to do what she wants, and especially to test the limits of Gabriel to see what he really thinks about her. The latter is quite irritating as he doesn’t assume his wishes and desires, especially when they are named Sam but I loved seeing him change and understand what is happening. Yet nothing is ever easy and it will take some time for him to finally accept what is between them. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the evolution of the powers of the young woman and discover what she really was. We trace the tracks of her past through the characters who keep appearing in her life, as in her dreams. The author also manages quite easily to sow doubt about Joshua and Joe, trying to figure out if they are two separate entities or not, and I was curious to find out the truth about them at the same time.

We are also introduced to the new Gabriel’s partner Illie, I enjoyed him very much for the little I’ve seen. He is funny, fresh and natural, we can only like him. As I said, I still had a great time with the novel, but it is true that now I understand a review I’ve seen about the volume. Oh yes, because we don’t really have an end of the series, although we have some of our answers. A war is about to start, everything is perfectly introduced with the first three volumes and I am sorry to see that there is not a sequel now and I find it extremely unfortunate … I hope that one day author will return to the series, but I do not have much hope about it since it has been many years since this volume. It’s an interesting book but not a good end to a series.

In conclusion, it was a good trilogy although I could never know what happens afterwards. I’m at least glad I could learn more about Sam.



24 thoughts on “Penumbra by Keri Arthur

  1. Keri Arthur is an author I have been meaning to try, but she has several series out and I haven’t landed on one that everyone is raving about. It is frustrating that this final volume didn’t wrap everything up. I hope she does continue it down the line.

  2. I always wanted to tackle her Riley Jenson series but with now 9 books out I find it daunting. Now I can alway deal with a thrillogy. This might be a good way to get aquanted with her writing.
    Thanks Mellaine 🙂

  3. I’m pretty sure I haven’t heard of this series yet, but I’m so glad you loved the finale to this series and got answers 🙂 Heh, I ship this thing between Sam and Gabriel 😉 I’m glad for character growth! I hope you’ll get the ending you deserve and the author will give this series a good FINAL ending 🙂 Great review, Melliane!

  4. I’m glad your questions about her past were answered. I always feel jipped when a book series ends and I still have questions. I like the whole finding out about her powers thing. The series ends on a cliffhanger? What’s up with that? Maybe there will be a second series some day.

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