Stacking the Shelves #118


Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews

38 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves #118

  1. OOooh very nice! I so want to read the Tonya Kappes books. EW rejected me for them. Sob!

    And ooh Veronica Mars! I still need to finish season 3, get the movie and watch it AND then start the book series! So yeah, a bit behind! My Amazon Prime acted goofy the last time I wanted to finish season 3! Sooooo annoying! It wouldn’t play the video and just kept “thinking”! It was very annoying and devastating since the membership price went up. Better work next time too!!

    Sorry for the ranting! ;P Hope you enjoy all your awesome new reads!

    My STS will be up tomorrow, stop by then if you can!

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  2. Oh my! You did good, Melliane!

    I had a very rough week this week 🙁 My brother got hurt a week ago Thursday so I spent the entire week travelling 5 hours round trip to the hospital to help him! He’s finally home and doing well, thank God!

    LOL, you’re getting a lot of ranting today!

    Great shelf!

  3. Je n’ai pas lu le premier tome de Deep Blue (même si j’en ai vraiment envie, raah mais qu’est-ce que j’attends ?!) mais la couverture du second tome est tout aussi magnifique !!
    Je m’appelle Lumikki me tente aussi.

    Très bonne semaine 😉 !

    • ouiii ! Je n’ai pas encore lu le 1 mais tout le monde adore. Je n’ai vu que des avis excellents. C’est sur la suite du film qui est sorti. Donc aprés la fin de la série et aprés le film. Je n’ai pas encore tenté mais bientot j’espère !

  4. Ahhh bah voilà mes commentaires fonctionnent … Je ne les voyais pas apparaitre, même quelques jours après. Voilà pourquoi je t’avais écris un doublon ^^

    Ils existent en français dis moi ?

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