Gray Bishop by Kelly Meade

Cornerstone Run Trilogy, Book 2

Synopsis: Some people need something to fight for…

With the attacks on their homes escalating and human half-breeds seeking sanctuary among them, the loup garou are reaching their breaking point. Two, in particular.

After failing to stop his little brother’s kidnapping years ago, Bishop McQueen angrily broods on his shame, though no one else blames him.

Jillian Reynolds is still dealing with a tragic accident that took everything she ever wanted from life. And her attraction to Bishop is only making things more difficult.

When word reaches them that Jillian’s hometown is under attack, the Alpha takes Bishop, Jillian, and a group of enforcers to assist in the battle. And it is in this chaos that both Bishop and Jillian will have to face their pasts—and the true feelings they have for each other—if they are going to survive…

Review: I had a great time with Brynn and Rook in the first volume and I was curious about Jillian and Bishop here. But fear not, because we find again with great pleasure all the characters we had previously discovered and it was interesting to see how everyone was changing.

Bishop and Jillian know that there is something between them, but they also know they can not get carried away by their passion. They are both vying to become the Alpha of their pack and a relationship is impossible. Yet it is difficult for the two to leave this side story alone. Then they will have many other issues to deal with and not the least. Because of course, the bad guys of the first volume are always there and ready to do anything to achieve their goals. And when they attack the Jillian’s village, our heroes will face much worse than they thought and the impact will soon fall on them. But in addition to this couple, we have the rest of the story between Brynn and Rook which is always a bit complicated but we also find Knight … Oh man, it broke my heart every time. He takes everything on his shoulders and it’s a big weight to carry, that’s for sure. He thinks everything is his fault and guilt gnaws deep inside him. He would like to do something to change the situation but it could do more harm to others than he thought.

I took great pleasure to follow our characters. Our three brothers have a lot to manage, but they are nevertheless always there for each other. Of course nothing is simple and it is far to be better… I was surprised by some twists that I did not expect and it’s true that I was really wondering how Bishop and Jillian would be able to finish together or even if they would. We do not see a lot about our bad guys but we are discovering what they leave behind after their visits. The story focuses on how much Knight has to manage everything going on and the relationship between our two heroes.

It was again a very good book that I took great pleasure in discovering it. Of course it’s not over as the last book happens to be the next one but I am very curious to know the end of the story. In addition it will this time feature Knight and Shay as main characters and I look forward to reading their story. Both are very sweet and reserved. I feel that everything will be very interesting! A nice surprise again!



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  1. Glad you enjoyed this. I’ve not read this series or author, but I’ve heard of Meade and a lot of people seem to love her books. The description is lovely, but it was the cover that first got my attention. If the next book is the last one, maybe I’ll wait until the trilogy is concluded to decide if I want to pick this up.

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