Kensington’s Ultimate Hero #4

You will decide who wins each round and who will become the 2015 Ultimate hero!

To vote:

Author: Kemmerer vs Eden

Characters: Michael Merrick vs Dante

Details: The Earthquake Man vs The Fire Phoenix


Author: Ivy vs Ashley

Characters: Roke vs Erik Trevayne

Details: The Vampire vs The Beast


Author: Alexander vs Bittner Roth

Characters: Jackson Channing vs Wolf

Details: The Banker vs The Bounty Hunter


3 thoughts on “Kensington’s Ultimate Hero #4

  1. Probably the pheonix on this one, because if he can fly the earthquake wouldn’t have much effect. Unless the earth guy can become dirt, then fire doesn’t really matter. I wish I knew these characters! I’m totally rooting for the vampire and the hunter. Are they going to face off against other winners too?

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