Vicious Grace by M.L.N. Hanover

The Black Sun’s Daughter, Book 3

Synopsis: When you’re staring evil in the eye, don’t forget to watch your back . . .
For the first time in forever, Jayné Heller’s life is making sense. Even if she routinely risks her life to destroy demonic parasites that prey on mortals, she now has friends, colleagues, a trusted lover, and newfound confidence in the mission she inherited from her wealthy, mysterious uncle. Her next job might just rob her of all of them. At Grace Memorial Hospital in Chicago, something is stirring. Patients are going AWOL and research subjects share the same sinister dreams. Half a century ago, something was buried under Grace in a terrible ritual, and it’s straining to be free. Jayné is primed to take on whatever’s about to be let loose. Yet the greatest danger now may not be the huge, unseen force lurking below, but the evil that has been hiding in plain sight all along—taking her ever closer to losing her body, her mind, and her soul. . . .

Review: I think the more I advance in the series the more I like it but I do not think that it will become one of my favorite one day. These are books that are read very quickly and I have to say that the story was interesting even if some small points bothered me. Did I put Aubrey in the small points? (tell me that I can say yes!). I still do not understand why he irritates me so much but then that’s really the case! I hope that one day it will pass (I hope so because I’d be annoyed if not).

So we find our little group called by Aubrey’s (yes the same one) ex-wife: Kim. So of course the only thing that bothers Jayne is what her beloved will do when he will see Kim. And it must be said that despite his explanations, Jayne is not convinced by what is going to happen. It must be said that a big part of the story is based on our little trio and the future of their relationship. That still leaves finally little for the rest.

As for the intrigue, therefore, the problems will take place in a strange hospital, specifically the Grace Memorial. Indeed, a doctor conducts researches to discover people’s dreams but when each patient began to dream of the same thing, and that some fled away, he sees himself forced to ask for help to understand what it is happening. However, the research is advancing and the danger is approaching.

I confess that I did not expect this course of history. Especially not such a purpose. Oh and I had a little moment of joy anyway (you will understand why if you read it). Jayne is changing more and more in the books, but she is still the same girl looking for a family who is willing to love her. The concern is that it also affects her every act and at the same time, she wants to be the worthy Eric’s heir. It’s something that she manages to deal with in some cases when of course she does not doubt about herself (something that happens very often). It makes sense, it is true, she can not be transformed directly into someone she is not, but sometimes we would like it to be the case. I confess that the last sentence of the book surprised me. I told myseld “AAAh finally!”, Yes, because I wondered if she would understand what was happening. Well I did not agree with her hypothesis, I found mine much more logical but it’s still brought perfectly. So I’m really curious to read the fourth book to learn more (especially after all these events).

We are intrigued by the story throughout the book, trying to understand what is behind these dreams without getting to really know the reason until the end (or at least that was the case for me). I was quite surprised when I learned the truth and I think that M.L.N. Hanover had worked well to lead us and make us believe many facts throughout the book.

So it was finally a really nice story and the novel is enjoyable to read. I really think my favorite character is Jack Chogi. He has so many facets and is so quiet, it’s really interesting to have a character so different from the others. To see what the fourth volume will reserve us!



23 thoughts on “Vicious Grace by M.L.N. Hanover

  1. Wow, what an amazing cover! 🙂 So glad you enjoyed it – I’d like to try this series too 🙂 It’s great when the story manages to surprise you, right? Have a good weekend <3

  2. I think I might have said this on your blog before, but I’ve never read M.L.N Hanover’s books though his real name is Daniel Abraham and I love his books he writes as “James S.A. Corey” with Ty Franck!!! Remember my review of the book Nemesis Games where you said that it might be too sci-fi, this is the same guy who is involved with those books! 😀 I think one day I’d love to try his urban fantasy and check out this series.

  3. I think it’s great that you’re still willing to keep going even if you can already tell it will not be a favourite of yours. And despite your problems/concerns/questions, you still managed to enjoy this instalment.

    Great review, Melliane!

  4. Oh, definitely intrigues about the dreams and what’s behind them, and glad it wasn’t what you expected (in a good way). And definitely fun to have a character so different from the others in a series, they always stand out. 🙂

  5. I’d like to get back to this series one day. I like it, but yes, it’s not anything different or out of the world for me. 🙂

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