Crucible Zero by Devon Monk

House Immortal, Book 3

Synopsis: Matilda Case never thought of herself as a hero. But because she is galvanized—and nearly immortal in her stitched, endlessly healing body—she doesn’t have much of a choice. Even if she doesn’t want to save the world, she’s the only one capable of traveling in time to do so.

But her rescue attempt hasn’t gone as planned. She’s stuck in an alternate universe, and her world is in danger of disappearing. Worst of all, an unfathomably powerful man who can also travel through history doesn’t want her to put things to rights. He’s willing to wage bloody war to stop Matilda, unless she surrenders control of time to him.

Now, with the minutes ticking, Matilda must make impossible decisions, knowing that one wrong choice will destroy her—and any chance of saving everything she loves…

Review: I loved the first and second volume and I admit that I was very curious to read this third installment to find out what would happen. Yes, it must be said that the end of the previous volume left us in a rather untenable and original position and I was excited to find out what the author would introduce us once again. I confess I did not know or I could not remember that it was a trilogy series (but well that’s what I’ve concluded with this volume), but the conclusion is, in any case, very well done and I had a great time with the story and the characters. I know that it is always difficult to end a saga, but I think it was done perfectly!

So we find our heroine Matilda, immediately after the events of the second volume in an alternate world that she does not really know and where she will have to make her way slowly (something that is not so simple, it must be said). But while she hopes to have foiled the Slater’s plans, it turns out that he is also present and determined to do everything to become the most powerful man there too. Threatening again her friends and relatives, our heroine will have to rediscover the characters she knew, some in completely different roles but who nevertheless have the same nature, and it’s true that it was interesting to see how everything was done. In addition to that, we have at the beginning of each chapter, a passage from Welton Yellow’s diary, from the first world, telling us the adventures and obstacles that he must overcome there.

You had probably understood now, I had a wonderful time with the story. I was nervous with this alternate universe but everything is perfectly well managed and as always we find ourselves swept away by the story. The characters are fascinating and we are happy to see the change in their lives. It is a volume that we can read rather quickly and that is fun to follow over the chapters. Besides, I recommend the series if you do not know it yet, it is still very original and full of ideas.

Devon Monk never disappoints me and I am curious to see if this really is the last volume, her plans for the following series and what she intends to do because I’m always subjugated.




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  1. Devon Monk is another author I have yet to try Melliane! I feel like I say that way too often, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes. So glad to see that this third book got such a high rating from you and that this series is contining to go strong:)

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