Against a Brightening Sky by Jaime Lee Moyer

Delia Martin, Book 3

Synopsis: A ghost princess and a woman with nothing but a name to her fortune might change the course of history.

By 1919 the Great War has ended, peace talks are under way in Paris, and the world has been forever changed. Delia Martin, apprentice practitioner of magical arts, and her husband, Police Captain Gabriel Ryan, face the greatest challenge of their lives when fragments from the war descend on San Francisco.

As Delia prepares to meet friends at a St. Patrick’s Day parade, the strange ghost of a European princess appears in her mirror. Her pleasant outing becomes a nightmare as the ghost reappears moments after a riot starts, warning her as a rooftop gunman begins shooting into the crowd. Delia rushes to get her friends to safety, and Gabe struggles to stop the killing—and to save himself.

Delia and Gabe realize all the chaos and bloodshed had one purpose—to flush Alina from hiding, a young woman with no memory of anything but her name.

As Delia works to discover how the princess ghost’s secrets connect to this mysterious young woman, and Gabe tracks a ruthless killer around his city, they find all the answers hinge on two questions: Who is Alina…and why can’t she remember?

Against a Brightening Sky is the thrilling conclusion to Moyer’s glittering historical fantasy series.

Review: I enjoyed the series and it’s true that I was curious about the further adventures of our beloved Delia. It must be said that the period of the history and the presence of the ghosts, as well as the investigations, are really attracting. While writing my review and by reading the summary, I realized that this was the last volume of the series, which is quite sad because I have not really had that feeling of a real conclusion, but it does not change the fact we still have once again a great time with the story.

Delia will face this time the ghosts of princesses, including one that is quite persistent. Her presence will be even more alive when our heroine discovers a young woman during a riot and a massacre that will leave her two guards for dead. Indeed, it seems that Alina knows nothing of her past and she only gives her name if indeed it is the real one. Delia will then ally with Dora and her husband Gabe to try to understand what is happening. Yes, because it seems that all the recent events are linked to the young woman and it is true that we’re very intrigued by all that is happening. To this can be added a story in relation to Russia, the post-war period, missing princesses and an investigation of course full of danger.

I was quite curious to discover the identity of Alina and why she had lost her memory. It was interesting to discover the dreams of Delia and to understand the past of the unknown young woman. However, I admit that I dropped the story for a few passages at a moment but I took pleasure in following the set and to discover a new survey such as this one. Yes, because as always, we follow alternately the POVs of Delia and Gabe, realizing slowly that everything is finally bounded.

So it was a pleasant reading and I was happy to see all the characters again. If this is the last volume, it was a pleasant surprise but I might have liked a slightly wider conclusion.




24 thoughts on “Against a Brightening Sky by Jaime Lee Moyer

  1. I was about to ask if you knew how many books were in this series, then I saw from your review that this is the conclusion. Maybe now I can pick up the trilogy and binge read, because I’ve been very curious about this series and author, I confess.

  2. I liked the mystery of the story, but I totally agree, this one didn’t feel done up. I had no idea it was the final volume until I interviewed the author. I hope there will be more down the road.

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