Le jardin d’hiver by Frédérique de Keyser

Synopsis (personal translation): “I was looking for the poetry of the fog that transforms things, poetry of the night that transforms the city, the poetry of the time that transforms beings…”

Independent press photographer as a profession, photographer in all circumstances, Sophia is never far from her camera lens. Unfortunately, the recognition of her talent is not easy. Devoting all her time to her work and her passion, she walks around with no one outside of her best friend, Annette.

So when the famous Sam Nahash, mysterious writer that nobody has ever seen, summons her, she is more than surprised.

And the invitation is not the only surprise that he reserves her…

Review: I loved it!!! Do I need to say more? 😉 Widely more than 5 stars 🙂

First, Frédérique de Keyser is my favorite author. I have already noted 5/5 stars for her other writings and I find this book even better and would need a sixth star! Her style is recognizable at first glance. The story is told in perfect French mingled with poetry, a little philosophy, and historical, as well as mythological references. We can read it easily, almost at once because it’s hard to let go of this story and these characters.

It is a revisit of The Beauty and the Beast. However if the theme is there, the story is really different and original (and sexier!!)

Male characters are to die for!! Imagine Jason Momoa… well? It’s Shax, Sam’s best friend. And it’s not the only handsome man in the boo 🙂 The mystery of the Beast is maintained to the end, we only know that the beast pushes Sam to make frantic advances to Sophia, even if it scares her. Annette, Sophia’s best friend, is quite a character. She is full of enthusiasm, energy and very naughty, that’s why the interaction with Shax are more than interesting.

The only thing I recommend is not to read this book in public. This can be annoying because the sensual passages can raise red cheeks and breathing boost 🙂 By cons, husbands, boyfriends or others should enjoy the naughty mood that causes this reading.)

So this is my favorite book by Frédérique de Keyser and perfect if you want to discover her. If you already know her, you have already purchased this book, right? 😉



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