Terra: Genesis by A.S. Winchester

Synopsis: Cala is not special.
Cala is Exceptional.
A young woman possessing a rare kind of intelligence, Cala anxiously counts down the arrival of her eighteenth birthday. It is the day she will be forced to leave her family, her home, and her best friend, Liam, forever. It is the day she will be placed into the Exceptionals Program.
However, with seventy-three days to go, Cala’s clock stops.
Burned alive and reconstructed as a cyborg, Cala enters the Program and quickly learns the truly ugly secrets the Program entails.
Will Cala survive the Program?
Or will she become its victim?

Review: I love dystopias, but I feel like I always read the same thing. By reading the summary of this book, I was attracted by the Sci-Fi side and I thought that it could be different.

I wasn’t disappointed. This book is FANTASTIC. I was hooked from the start and I had trouble putting it down to go to sleep after a hundred pages and, the next day, I did not let go of it until I had finished it. The plot is really interesting and full of twists. Some characters we love and those we hate. And, oh yes, emotions, a lot of emotions!

If I tell you that this is much better than Divergent, Hunger Games or any other dystopias that I’ve read, better than Illuminae, Does that make you want to read it?

The sequel is planned for April 2016. I’m really looking forward to it and I hope that by then Terra: Genesis will be much more famous.


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