Damned and Desirable by Tara West

Eternally Yours, Book 2

Synopsis: **Warning, this book contains scenes of dead people having sex, only really sexy dead people, not zombies or sparkly vampires. Rest assured, no body parts fell off during the making of these sex scenes, just bras and undies, and no fangs or hammers were used during foreplay.**

What could be worse than getting tricked by a demon and sucked into the fiery pit of doom? Discovering that the demon who captured your soul is also the devastatingly sexy twin of the man who still has your heart. The only fate worse than eternal damnation is eternal temptation. Someone please get me some water. It’s getting hot in here.

Review: I enjoyed the first book in the series and I was curious to get into the sequel even if it is true that it took me a lot of time to do that. But here I am finally launched in the second volume to find out what the author would present us! Admittedly, it’s always nice to come across a light and humorous story to have a good time.

Ash finds herself trying to get her credits to gain rank in the hierarchy to reach heaven, but it seems that she is not very lucky to achieve her objectives. Indeed, it seems that her mentor, Shadow has decided that it would be otherwise by bringing her to hell to give her to one of the most powerful entities. This is where our heroine is going to understand better her lover by discovering the shadows of his past, his women, his brother, and the story behind all this too. I had a little trouble to really understand what had happened with Mar and with Katherine and I admit that I’m still a bit in the dark but it was very interesting to learn more about this reaper who took Ash’s heart. Moreover she is herself a part of that past indirectly and it is true that I understand her confusion regarding the events.

As I said we also discover Hell here and I found it interesting to see how all was governed. This is quite different from what we might imagine, but it was also quite interesting to see everything. Unlike Heaven where people have valets, here we find entities that make your life hell with the persons who can touch you the most. Moreover, it is very hot and everyone is constantly thirsty. Problem? If they drink, they become very “excited”. Yes, big problem! There are others elsewhere but I’ll let you discover them yourself.

In any case it was a nice to discover everything, I did not expect the prophecy announced but it was interesting to see it all unfold. I spent a good time with the story and I was curious to see how Ash would be able to draw from this new situation. It remains for me to discover the last book!




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  1. Heaven has valets? That kinda sucks if you were a servant in your life, went to heaven, then end up doing the same thing. Unless it works differently. LOL

    For some reason, Hell is always much interesting even if nobody wants to be sent there

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