The Shores of Spain by J. Kathleen Cheney

The Golden City, Book 3

Synopsis: Even as the branches of peace are being offered, there are some who still believe those who are not human should be used as chattel. And they are willing to go to great lengths to retain their power.

Newlywed siren Oriana Paredes has been appointed Ambassador to her home islands now that communication between Northern Portugual and the magical races has been restored. But convincing her people that the new Portuguese Prince’s intentions are honorable after years of persecution is difficult. And her husband, Duilio, faces his own obstacles among the sirens where males are a rare and valuable commodity with few rights.

In addition to their diplomatic mission, the two hope to uncover the truth behind Oriana’s mother’s death. Evidence suggests that Spain—a country that has been known to enslave magical beings—may have infiltrated the siren authority. Unable to leave their post, Oriana and Duilio must call on Inspector Joaquim Tavares to root out the truth.

But even his seer’s gift cannot prepare him for what he will discover.

Review: I was eager to read this third novel after the first two! It was nice to find that last book featuring all the characters we love. Unlike the others, however, the story is divided between Joaquim, Mariana, and Oriana and Duilio, allowing us to learn more about all the characters that were secondary.

Duilio and Oriana depart for the sirea islands as ambassadors to explain to her peers about the new government set up in Portugal and the rights that sireas might have now. This new position also allows to our heroine to try to understand her past and especially the murder of her mother as it remains unsolved so far. But this survey will push deep plots, forcing them to seek help and Mariana Joaquim who will have travel to Spain, where new dangers await them.

It was interesting to discover the culture of the sireas to see their lifestyle and to visit different countries between Spain and Portugal. It’s always a pleasure to find Oriana and Duilio after seeing the first attempt to integrate into the human world, we see her husband doing the same in this new environment that has nothing to do with all that he has seen before. The young woman will finally find her place, to understand what she wants for her future and it is a pleasure to see her growing and evolving with her relatives. It’s true that what I liked the most was to discover all the revelations that we have about her family and it was fascinating to learn them that way. It is the same for Joaquim and Mariana who gradually learn to coexist together and to accept the other and it was very touching to see their relationship evolve gradually.

It was a good book, a nice end to this trilogy and I am now curious to read the novellas associated!




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