Blind Sight by Carol O’Connell

Kathleen Mallory, Book 12

Synopsis: Detective Kathy Mallory. New York’s darkest. You only underestimate her once.

The nun is dead. Her body lies on the mayor’s law with three others, all killed at different times, in different places, and dumped there. There should be five – but the boy is missing.

One second he was there…

Jonah Quill, blind since birth, sits in a car driven by a killer and wonders where they are going. Though blind, Jonah sees more than most people do. He’s counting on this secret to save his life.

Then gone.

Detective Kathy Mallory is counting on herself to save his life. It takes her a while to realise that the missing-person case she is pursuing is so intimately connected to the massacre on the mayor’s lawn. But she will find Jonah – she just hopes it will be in time.

Review: If there is a detective series that I love to follow it is Kathy Mallory. I must admit that sometimes you have to be patient as the volumes can take several years to come out but it is always a treat to embark on every new adventure.

If you know the series, you know that Kathy is not a mere policeman and she is now facing a new case that could be much more complicated than expected. Indeed, a nun disappeared as well as her nephew and while she is found dead in the mayor’s garden with other people, the boy has disappeared. Our detective is determined to find him whatever may happen, but will she be able to do so in time?

It was really interesting to see the behavior of this blind boy who manages to do a lot of things despite the conditions in which he finds himself, it’s impressive to see how he plays to try to manipulate this killer. Regarding Mallory, she threw herself into the heart on this story, manipulating everyone to achieve her ends.

I will not say more, but I can only advise you to discover the series if you like the detective stories. It was a very nice surprise but I am surprised to have spent so much time finishing this twelfth volume. I hope that we will have a new novel very soon because it was a pleasure to find all the characters once again.



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  1. Very nice, I love a series that stays good even as the volumes keep coming out. and this one sounds so intriguing, with the blind boy! I had no idea about these but now I’ll keep an eye out.

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