Betrayals by Kelley Armstrong

Cainsville, Book 4

Synopsis: Olivia Jones knows a lot about betrayal – most of her life has been a lie. On the eve of her wedding, she discovered she was adopted – and that her biological parents were convicted serial killers.

Liv has found sanctuary in her new home of Cainsville, but she’s learned not to trust the town’s mysterious elders. So when her biker boyfriend Ricky Gallagher is linked to a series of murders, she’s reluctant to ask for their help. Meanwhile things have grown increasingly complicated with Gabriel Walsh, her boss and sometime friend. The fact that their fraught relationship is connected to an ancient myth in which they were passionate lovers doesn’t help matters, either…

As Liv fights to clear Ricky’s name, she discovers that her own life is at serious risk. Soon Ricky, Liv and Gabriel are tangled in a web of a betrayals. In order to survive, they will have to trust one another. But given their dark history, is that even possible? Or wise…?

Review: I love this series and although I thought at first that we had a trilogy, I was curious to get into this fourth volume! How not to be with all these intertwine fates and the persons trying to influence the decisions of our three main characters.

We thus find Olivia, Ricky and Gabriel for a new story that will put a strain on their feelings. Indeed, it seems that girls are murdered and that Ricky is related to all that happens and nobody understands why. You can imagine that when it comes to one of the men, Olivia is desperate to try to understand what is going on to clear their name. But now, this story will stage many different faes and Olivia will make choices that will impact her for the future.

I’m not giving too much away about the story not to spoil things but we are easily carried away by the chapters. The revelations follow one another about the past of the characters and it is true that I was fascinated by all the events. We are foretold a great betrayal in the story and I admit that I was really curious to see what would really happen! It also feels that the past of our heroes past catches them up and they can not handle what happens. It’s quite impressive to see that they are all affected by what happens and nobody knows how to really act. Besides, I did not expect at all for such a purpose and I admit that I am very surprised. I wonder what will be the consequences elsewhere.

It was once again a very good book and I’m curious to find out more. As I said, we have many revelations and I was fascinated by what the author has presented us. I urge you to start the series if it is not the case already, you will find something unique and different, which it must be said, is still very nice!




25 thoughts on “Betrayals by Kelley Armstrong

  1. I need to pick this back up. I read the first two last Spring before everything happened and I liked them, but I was annoyed with the love triangle in book two. I want to continue now. I am glad that you loved book four, that gives me hope that the love triangle will go away.

  2. I can’t believe Cainsville is already on its fourth installment, it feels like it only started yesterday. After reading the novella Lost Souls though, I find myself much more interested in this series. Glad it continues to be strong.

  3. I really need these books in my life. I heard nothing but amazing things about this series. I read her adult thriller and LOVED it, her writing alone ugh…need it.

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