Ashes Reborn by Keri Arthur

Souls of Fire, Book 4

Synopsis: The clock is ticking as Emberly–a phoenix capable of taking human form–races to take revenge against the sadistic and mysterious Rinaldo. The elusive rebel leader threatens to keep killing until he is given all of the research about a plaguelike virus derived from vampire blood.

Forced to reach out to the Paranormal Investigations Team for help, Emberly and her partner, Jackson, must decide who to trust as they follow the trail of dead bodies. When classified information is leaked and their safe house is ambushed, Emberly’s suspicions are confirmed–someone at PIT has betrayed them.

A final battle looms and Emberly will need to command all her powers–or watch the world turn to ash….

Review: I always love all the novels by Keri Arthur and I was very curious to discover this third part of the adventures of our dear characters.

Always looking for the researches on the virus that everyone dreams of recovering, our heroes will once again face a lot of dangers. Rory resurrected, Emberly and Jackson have to go back to investigate before there are more murders. Yet, everyone is watching them and nothing is really that simple.

The enemies increase, others will become allies on a temporary basis and the allies may well reserve bad surprises. Indeed, it seems that the PIT has a mole who always manages to prevent Em and Jackson from getting a head start. Then, of course, there is also Sam … It is very difficult to decide in relation to this character whose nature is really changing but I confess that I am curious to see after the end of this novel how the story will evolve.

It was a nice novel to read and the author offers us new turns of situation that I did not expect. I confess that I am curious to see the consequences of all that was initiated here!




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