Pulsaciones by Javier Ruescas & Francesc Miralles

Pulsaciones, Book 1

Synopsis (personal translation): Elia just came out of the coma.

The good thing?

She is fine and has a new mobile, so she can finally talk to everyone on HeartBits.

The bad thing?

She does not remember the three days prior to the accident.

What happened during that time? Who is this Phoenix, the guy who does not stop sending her messages? And why every time Elia thinks about what she has been able to forget … does she feel like she lacks air?

Review: So first of all I wanted to say that I am really sorry for the translation of the synopsis in English or French. Spanish and I were very good friends a long time ago, but we lost sight of each other for years, which can cause inaccuracies in my translations. But that’s also why I wanted to go back to the language. I loved to learn and speak it during my studies or during my travels in Spain, but, like everything else, we forget, or at least I forget … It is a rather sad conclusion finally because I would have liked to speak it more fluently. But this fact made me realize that I could try to change things, especially by throwing myself into a foreign novel. Well, I do not know much about it, I must confess, so finding a book was delicate, fortunately for me, my friend Livre-vie is an expert and she was able to advise me one or two novels. Pulsaciones was one of them.

I want to thank my Kindle dictionary that I have learned to use to get to understand, sometimes, the meaning of some sentences. Well it is true that my friend chose very well, the format allows a beginner like me to move forward in the reading without too many difficulties. Indeed, we follow the exchanges of Elia, a girl who has just emerged from the coma with her friends and her family by texting. You will understand that by such a format, the authors present us with short sentences, which suited me perfectly for a first immersion.

If we go back to the story more precisely, we learn to know Elia through her exchanges, to understand her confusion while she realizes that she has forgotten three days before her accident but also her strong connection with her friends who help her in this ordeal … And then we have Phoenix … This boy is a real mystery. Elia does not know that he knows, and even if she is suspicious, she can only connect to him, trying to understand who he may be because of course, the latter refuses to provide him with an explanation aside that they will never see each other.

I asked myself a lot of questions about this correspondent, trying to understand the reason for her attachment to Elia but also to her categorical refusal to see him. And yet, as she slowly begins to unravel the mystery I began to suspect the events. It is not necessarily a very original story, it is true, but the format and the ideas are well conducted and remain touching. I loved to follow the exchanges of Elia and to understand the truth little by little, as well as to discover what had happened during these forgotten days. Yes, it was a nice dip in the Spanish language and I hope to be able to start again very soon.




17 thoughts on “Pulsaciones by Javier Ruescas & Francesc Miralles

  1. The fact that you are reading and writing in French and English was impressive, but now Spanish? Woohoo, Melliane!

    And, this story about Elia does have me curious about her three lost days. 🙂

  2. I like the sound of this book, and the cover is something different and catchy, really nice! Also, I’d like to give you big kudos for reading the book in Spanish! Way to go, Melliane 😀

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