Animal Magnetism by Jill Shalvis

Animal Magnetism, Book 1

Synopsis: Co-owner of the town’s only kennel, Lilah Young has lived in Sunshine, Idaho, all her life. Pilot-for-hire Brady Miller is just passing through. But he soon has Lilah abandoning her instincts and giving in to a primal desire.

It’s Brady’s nature to resist being tied down, but there’s something about Lilah and her menagerie that keeps him coming back for more.

Review: I only knew Jill Shalvis’ Lucky Harbor series, but it’s true that I was curious to read something else. How to resist Animal Magnetism? Full of animals, a small town and a pretty romance? I can tell you that it’s impossible for me!

Brady is a former soldier who has no ties, but now, between two jobs he goes home to visit his two brothers. Lilah is responsible for the kennel in the city. This is a huge job, especially since she is also trying to take correspondence courses. Their meeting is quite explosive and I admit that I loved their exchanges. Nothing predestined them to have anything but Lilah wants change in her life and Brady finds the young woman exhilarating. It was very funny to see them turn around the other under the constant attention of the city. The relationships are a little different from what we usually expect. Yes, Lilah easily sets limits to what’s happening between them and often acts impulsively. She does not stay with him, she provokes him, challenges him and it is very confusing for this man who is not used to being in this kind of situation. I thought it was really good.

In addition to that, of course, there are all the animals that we find very present throughout the story, be it Abigael the crazy duck; Lulu, the lamb who thinks she is a dog, but also many dogs and cats and other animals that I will let you discover. They are all different but I loved them all! I was very touched by Lilah and her sadness when she had to part with the animals she was recovering. I understand very well how she has to become so fast and deeply attached to these animals.

Yes, Jill Shalvis presents us once again a very cute story that makes us have a great time!



16 thoughts on “Animal Magnetism by Jill Shalvis

  1. I love, love, love this series. Of course, I have read and enjoyed almost everything Jill Shalvis. She does an awesome job of making animals characters in most books also.

    I’m glad you liked it. Great review!

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