Long Road Home by Stacey Lynn

Love in the Heartland, Book 3

Synopsis: I left home ten years ago, promising myself I’d never return to the place where I had never been accepted. I was despised and ridiculed for circumstances completely beyond my control.

But when my grandmother passes away, I’m forced to return to Kansas. I will have to face everyone who hated me. But they’re not who I’m most afraid of.

My biggest fear? Facing him.
Jordan Marx.
The boy I once loved more than life itself. The boy who defended me from them. The boy I’d disappeared on, leaving him nothing more than a horrible nasty lie and hastily scribbled note.

When Jordan finds out the secret I have carried for so long, I’m in for the battle of my life.
Or so I thought.

I might have wandered for years on a path riddled with thorns but with Jordan by my side, taking the long road home means more than reuniting with the only man I’ve ever loved. It might just mean finding myself, and the family I never thought I could ever have along the way.

Review: Here I am once again launched in a third volume without having read the previous ones. And if I’m curious to learn more about the other characters, I had no problem following the story.

Destiny has always been the ugly duckling of the city, the one we talk about, humiliating and dragging in the mud. That’s one of the reasons why she left Kansas never to return, leaving behind the only boy she ever loved. But her grandmother’s death pushes her to return with her son Toby. And while she did not think to see Jordan again, she finds herself confronted with him and the secret she has kept for more than ten years.

It’s just not easy for Destiny to come back to town and I felt very sad when I saw what people were doing to her after so much time. But there is also Jordan, and if he is furious that she went away, he will discover that she had a reason. I understand why the young woman acted as she did, and at the same time, I was angry with her that she waited so long to tell the truth. “Saying” is a big word knowing she did not have a choice. But in all of this, it was touching to discover Toby, to see him change in this small town and especially to see that people are no longer the same, that they have become better.

It was a romance that made me have a great time. I really enjoyed Jordan and I must say that I am curious to discover the story of his sister and that of Cooper!

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