Taken by Benedict Jacka

Alex Verus, Book 3

Synopsis: Mage apprentices have been vanishing without a trace—and someone on the council might be involved. Alex Verus has no evidence, no witnesses, and no suspects. All he knows is that someone is keeping tabs on him. And after assassins target his own apprentice’s classmate, Alex sees that he doesn’t know the half of it—and that he could be the next to disappear…

Review: I had a really good time with the first two volumes and I find that the author offers us novels that are getting better and better, so I can tell you that this one is my favorite for now and I’m looking forward to discovering more with the fourth volume now!

Alex and Luna will be drawn into a new adventure when apprentices disappear everywhere and the Concil turns to them to find out what’s going on. However, this story is much more complex than expected and they will have to meet other apprentices or creatures hidden in the shadows. In addition to mixing with other magicians, our heroes will also make new acquaintances, while also confronting former enemies!

I really had a great time with this novel and I loved following Alex and Luna. Their investigation is really interesting and I was eager to understand exactly what was going on. I really liked Anne, the apprentice who crosses their path and I was hoping to learn more about Variam. I’m also quite eager to find out what the next volume will reserve us about them, and I really hope they’ll be there too!

As I said, it was a great sequel and I’m really looking forward to the next one!


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