The Seer’s Choice by J. Kathleen Cheney

The Golden City

Synopsis: Genoveva Jardim’s father was a monster—a defrocked priest who used his healer’s gift to murder instead. Determined to make amends for the deaths her father brought to the Golden City, she turned her back on her life among the aristocracy. She’s chosen to work for the Special Police, learning how to use the healer’s gift she’d never even known she had. She wants to save lives instead of killing like her father.

Rafael Pinheiro has kept an eye on Miss Jardim for some time now. The very first time he met her, his seer’s gift told him he would someday marry her. What he can’t figure out is why he would choose her. She’s young and an aristocrat—hardly a match for a mere police captain raised in an orphanage. They don’t seem to have anything in common.

But when Miss Jardim’s life is threatened, everything changes…

Review: I enjoyed the first three volumes and learning that the author had written two more novellas after the end of the story, I admit that I was curious to discover them. I wondered if these short stories would take place during or after the story and it was nice to discover what happened to the other secondary characters a bit more, because yes, we follow here Rafael and Genova, two protagonists previously discovered. Moreover, even if we have the mention of Duilio and Joaquim, the story really focuses on these two!

So as I said here we follow Genova and Rafael. Both work in the special police but they did not expect to have a case concerning the young woman that would unite them. Indeed, it would seem that a man is harassing Miss Jardim and even if she wanted to handle the problems alone, she realizes very quickly that this is not possible. And that’s where something is starting to appear between her and our dear captain.

I will not say more not to spoil the reading (which you can imagine is pretty fast) but I had a good time with it. It was nice to see the universe and to know the future of some other characters. I’m just a bit disappointed about the fast relationship, and I would have liked a little more development, but it was an enjoyable read and I am curious to read the second story now!




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