Dead Things by Stephen Blackmoore

Eric Carter, Book 1

Synopsis: Necromancer is such an ugly word, but it’s a title Eric Carter is stuck with.

He sees ghosts, talks to the dead. He’s turned it into a lucrative career putting troublesome spirits to rest, sometimes taking on even more dangerous things. For a fee, of course.

When he left L.A. fifteen years ago he thought he’d never go back. Too many bad memories. Too many people trying to kill him.

But now his sister’s been brutally murdered and Carter wants to find out why.

Was it the gangster looking to settle a score? The ghost of a mage he killed the night he left town? Maybe it’s the patron saint of violent death herself, Santa Muerte, who’s taken an unusually keen interest in him.

Carter’s going to find out who did it and he’s going to make them pay.

As long as they don’t kill him first.

Review:  I heard many times about this series and it’s been a while since it was on my wishlist. Thanks to Christmas, I had the chance to receive the first volume and I did not wait much long before immersing myself in the story.

I really appreciated the fact that we follow a man in this novel. There are few urban fantasy novels that have them as a main hero and it’s true that it changes the perspective of the story a lot. Moreover, Eric Carter is a rather dark character and it’s true that it’s nice not to have someone who hesitates, who regrets to kill. No, Eric Carter knows what he has to do and he does it without thinking twice.

He left L.A. fifteen years ago after a rather complicated story, but now he learns that his sister has been killed. While he never thought of doing it, he returned, determined to discover the killer and to make him pay. Yet he did not expect to face his past and confront more powerful entities than he thought, perhaps even more powerful than him.

I quickly suspected the identity of the killer, but I found that the story was really well done and mastered. We discover a lot of things and I admit that I did not necessarily see the end coming. I am in any case very curious to discover what the author reserves for the future because the problems are just beginning and Eric can not run away this time!


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  1. I like male main characters in Urban Fantasy too. I made a similar comment on my first review for Iron Druid. It is nice to have that different perspective. I’ve never read this author, but I’m going to have to give him a try. Great review.

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