Sour by Jennifer Woodhull

Synopsis: Tall, handsome, and eternally optimistic Noah has dated a string of gorgeous women. His best friend Elle has outlasted them all. Of course, he has no idea she’s been in love with him for years. Why would he? It’s not like she’s going to tell him. After all, she’s short and awkward, and as he’s fond of reminding her, has a sour disposition.

When Elle takes off on her annual ten-day vacation with her family, Noah comes to a startling realization. She’s the woman who is by his side day in and day out, whose office is across the hall, and whose house is around the corner. She has called him on his shit when he gets too cocky, and he has held her in her arms when her heart was broken. Absence must make the heart grow fonder because while she’s in Germany with her parents, he realizes that everything he has ever wanted was right there all along. Now he’s on a mission to make her realize that romance won’t ruin their friendship, but platonic friendship is ruining their relationship.

Review: Jennifer Woodhull is an author I didn’t know about and I was curious to discover this novel after reading the synopsis.

Elle has a crush on her best friend Noah. However, it’s not easy, because he’s there all the time and she’s thinking more and more about him. However, she knows that admitting her feelings to him could ruin everything, and she is not ready to lose him. But Noah, too, has just realized on his side that he has feelings for her. But unlike his friend, our hero is determined to tell Elle how he feels, and especially to show her that for her, he would abandon his habit of jumping from one girl to another to finally settle down. He is determined and he is ready to do anything to make her succumb to his charms and make her realize that he is the one for her.

I had a good time with these two characters. We alternate between the two characters to see what they think and how they react to each other’s actions. It was a nice novel even if I admit that if we fall under Noah’s spell very quickly, Elle has very frustrating reactions! However, I also enjoyed seeing them evolve with each other and I finally had a good and light moment with the story.

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