Weekend Wife by Erin McCarthy

Synopsis: Billionaire businessman in need of a fake fiancée…

It should be the easiest job ever for an out-of-work actress, right?

All I have to do is pose as Grant Caldwell (the Third)’s fiancée for a fancy-pants weekend in the Hamptons. Easy. Wear designer clothing and sip champagne? Don’t mind if I do. Flirting with Grant? It’s so delicious I should be paying him.

Nothing can go wrong as long as I can keep my hands off of him.

But that’s the hard part. And I do mean hard.

Because Grant is sexy.
And bossy.
And surprisingly sweet, a real rarity in his pretentious family.

Oops. I’m not as good at faking it as I thought. Or maybe they call this method acting. Because it’s getting harder to figure out where my character ends and I begin…

It just might be the role of a lifetime.

Review: This is a novel that I was curious to discover and I must admit that it had been years since I had read one of the author’s books. So I couldn’t wait to see how it would turn out.

Leah is an aspiring actress, or at least she is trying to be, and in order to make money she serves and sings in a bar, a bar where a very charming young man comes from time to time. If he seems insensitive to her charm, she soon discovers that it’s just appearances. So when he offers her to become his fake girlfriend for a weekend at his parents’ house, she knows that it’s not a good idea, yet she accepts. As you can imagine, like all books of this kind, she will burn her wings and it will get harder and harder to stay away, as our two heroes fall under each other’s spell.

It was a nice novel to have a good time and we can read it pretty quickly. It’s nice to follow Grant in his family so different from the others and Leah who is trying to adapt to an environment she knows nothing about.

Yes, a light and sweet romance.

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