The Crooked Staircase by Dean Koontz

Jane Hawk, Book 3

Synopsis: “I could be dead tomorrow. Or something worse than dead.”

Jane Hawk knows she may be living on borrowed time. But as long as she’s breathing, she’ll never cease her one-woman war against the terrifying conspiracy that threatens the freedom–and free will–of millions. Battling the strange epidemic of murder-suicides that claimed Jane’s husband, and is escalating across the country, has made the rogue FBI agent a wanted fugitive, relentlessly hunted not only by the government but by the secret cabal behind the plot. Deploying every resource their malign nexus of power and technology commands, Jane’s enemies are determined to see her dead . . . or make her wish she was.

Jane’s ruthless pursuers can’t stop her from drawing a bead on her prey: a cunning man with connections in high places, a twisted soul of unspeakable depths with an army of professional killers on call. Propelled by her righteous fury and implacable insistence on justice, Jane will make her way from southern California to the snow-swept slopes of Lake Tahoe to confront head-on the lethal forces arrayed against her. But nothing can prepare her for the chilling truth that awaits when she descends the crooked staircase to the dark and dreadful place where her long nightmare was born.

Review: I really like this series. Each volume is the continuation of the others and we are always looking forward to more to find out what our Jane is going to do.

Jane is slowly approaching the truth, she is dismantling the puzzle of the conspiracy that is spreading all over the world and yet the webs are closing in on her as well. If there are a lot of revelations for her, the Arcadians are getting closer and closer to her and her son. Yet our heroine does not give up, determined to gather evidence and above all to make sure that she will be able to live later on as a free woman or die trying. She will have to use all her talents to move forward and understand what is going on.

I loved this new volume which has no dead time and whose events follow one another at a crazy speed for all the characters. The novel describes the various characters, whether they are friends or enemies, and it was very interesting to see all these points of view. Either way, everyone’s lives will be turned upside down and I’m looking forward to the sequel to find out what happens next!


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