You Slay Me by Katie MacAlister

Aisling Grey, Book 1

Synopsis: The first book in a sexy, humorous paranormal thriller series featuring Aisling Grey, an apprentice Guardian, and her sometimes boyfriend, sometimes foe Drake Vireo, wyvern (leader) of one of the four dragon septs.

Aisling finds her true calling when she travels to Paris to deliver a medieval object that is part of a set sought after for the power it wields.

There she meets the handsome Drake, a man who is not at all what he seems. Implicated in the circumstances of two murders, Aisling, the demon she summons for help (and subsequently can’t get rid of) named Jim, and Drake find themselves caught up in a web of lies and confusion that could well result in the demon lords of hell ruling the mortal world.

Review: I remember buying this novel a long time ago. I also remember seeing a review from Nyxshadow several years ago that made me want to read it too. However, the novel remained in my TBR pile for years. But that’s it, I got it out and I must say I’m delighted!

I had already read some Katie MacAlister’s novels and I really loved them, so how could I resist this one? And I must admit that I had another great time and I can’t wait to read on. Even better? The series has only four volumes and there are several series in the same universe, so if you like dragons, there are lots of novels to discover!

Aisling arrives in Paris for the first time to deliver a very expensive medieval object. But things are really not going to go as she planned. Indeed, the buyer was killed and a man at the crime scene, Drake, abandoned her to the police while stealing the object. Become the number one suspect and determined to find her property, our heroine will try to find this very sexy man. Yet she didn’t expect to be embarked on a world she knew nothing about, a world where magic is common and where everyone calls her “guardian” even though she doesn’t know what it means. Well, they also have other names for her, but I’ll let you discover all that!

As I was saying, I had a really good time with the book. Aisling is determined not to fall into the arms of the beautiful Drake no matter what happens and I must admit I really enjoyed it! She confronts him, provokes him and above all refuses to give in to him! And what about Jim, the demon dog she invokes, who is just unbearable? Yes, because all he thinks about is going out, eating, and meeting bitches! But Drake…… Ah Drake, I must admit I’m very curious to see what happens with our dear dragon afterwards!

So it was a very good first volume and I’m really looking forward to reading more!

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