The Haunted Heist by Angie Fox

Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries, Book 3

Synopsis: Just because she can see the dead doesn’t mean Verity Long wants to spend her days hunting ghosts. Instead, she’s over the moon to land a marketing job at the local bank… until she finds her new boss dead in the vault. Even her ghost friend, Frankie, knows that’s no way to start a career.

Relieved to let the police take charge, Verity steps aside, bound and determined to keep her ghost sightings to herself. But when she learns the main suspect in the murder is a very crooked, very dead mobster, Verity knows it’s up to her to solve the case.

She teams up with her ghostly gangster buddy Frankie, as well as the irresistible and charming Ellis, as the three of them search haunted mob hideouts, hidden passageways, and historic cemeteries for the facts behind the heist of the century — and a modern-day motive for murder.

Too bad uncovering the truth could very well make Verity the next victim…

Review: I really enjoyed the first two volumes and I was looking forward to meeting Verity and Frankie again for new adventures!

Our heroine finally has a professional opportunity when Laurelee’s uncle comes back to town with his daughter to take over the local bank. But when she finds him dead, she knows that luck is not on her side. Worse than that, it seems that the killer’s modus operandi resembles that of a man who is dead. Could a ghost have committed the murder? With the help of Ellis and of course our dear Frankie, our heroine will do everything to find out the truth! But it won’t be easy!

Between Ellis’ mother, Frankie, who is determined to force her to help him to finally be released, the murder investigation and ghosts, Verity, won’t have time to get bored!

It was a great novel again and I can’t wait to read the sequel considering how it finished! Frankie is even more awesome in this volume and I can only advise you to go for it! I had, as always, a great time !!!


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