Outcast by Annabel Chase

Warden of the West, Book 1

Synopsis: I live by one simple rule: no magic.

Not too hard in the human world, plus it keeps me hidden from my evil sorcerer father. Safe.

When I’m forced into using magic to save an innocent family, the jig is up.

Or so I believe.

Instead, I’m whisked off to an academy of magic in a place I never knew existed. The problem is—my power is completely raw, which means I don’t know my butt from a broomstick. At first it’s all wands, witches, and a new wardrobe…until I get caught in a restricted area with a dead body. Now it’s going to take more than magic to clear my name. Thanks to new friends and a magically delicious vampire called Gray, I don’t have to fly solo anymore.

I’m out of my depth and out of options. Can I catch a killer before it’s too late, or am I doomed to live a life on the run?

Outcast : Spellslingers Academy of Magic, Warden of the West (Book 1) is a fantasy mystery with humor, action, a powerful heroine, and a fangtastic hero.

Review: I have only read one Annabel Chase series, but since I liked it a lot, I was curious to discover another one. And then, how could I resist this pretty cover? Having said that, I was surprised that the story is more YA style. Anyway, I had a good time with the novel.

Bryn is a young girl who has always run away from her past and tries to avoid using her powers. But when she saves a family’s life, her existence is revealed and she has no choice. Invited to study in a school of magic, but always trying to hide her dark origins, our heroine will see her life turned upside down. Believing that she has finally found her place, a place where she could stay, friends she adores, everything is once again in the balance when she discovers the body of a teacher and becomes the main suspect. Determined to clear her name, the young girl will have to do everything in her power to find out the truth.

It was a pretty nice novel to follow and I have several questions about the secondary characters, so I am curious to read the next novel. It doesn’t revolutionize the genre, but we’re having a good time as I said.

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