Agent of Chaos by C.N. Crawford & Alex Rivers

Dark Fae FBI, Book 2

Synopsis: London is burning, and the fae are holding the matches.

I am Cassandra Liddell: FBI Special Agent and bad-ass Pixie. After barely surviving my last assignment, I’m on the hunt for answers about my past, when bombs start exploding all over London. Fae terrorists have attacked and thrown the city into chaos.

To make matters worse, my best friend Scarlett has been abducted, and her captor is playing a twisted game of “Simon Says,” sending me riddles paired with impossible tasks. Roan, a seductive fae warrior, is willing to help me … but of course he has a price. One I’m not sure I’m willing to pay.

Hounded by supernatural pursuers and hunted by the CIA, I’m racing against time to save Scarlett, and to stop London from burning to the ground. Rage is simmering under the surface, and when it boils, I’ll unleash a fire of my own.

Review: Being a fan of fae and after having a good time with the first volume, I was curious to see how the second would be.

Cassandra is having a hard time getting back to her normal life and if her boss asks her to come home, she doesn’t really want to. So when her best friend, Scarlett, comes into town and asks her for help, she sees a sign. Especially since the young woman seems to be aware of the existence of fae. Scarlett doesn’t know that Cassandra is one of them, and Cassandra is determined to prove to her that all fae are monsters. But when someone kidnaps Scarlett and asks her to solve riddles, our heroine has no choice but to obey. She will do everything in her power to make sure her friend is not killed!

I had a good time with this novel, but I was a little uncomfortable while reading it because, as in the first volume, the actions of the fae fall on the migrants. They are always being pointed at and I think it’s a shame, we could find other potential culprit, especially when people then try to play the vigilante. Apart from that, I was happy to find the characters and learn more about them. I still have a lot to discover and I’m curious to read more!

It was a good second volume with lots of ideas!

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