The Murder Game by Rachel Abbott

Stephanie King, Book 2

Synopsis: That’s the thing about old friends… they never let you forget.

The first time Jemma and Matt were invited to Polskirrin – the imposing ocean-view home belonging to Matt’s childhood friend Lucas Jarrett – it was for an intimate wedding that ended in tragedy. Jemma will never forget the sight of the girl’s pale body floating listlessly towards the rocky shore.

Now, exactly one year later, Jemma and her husband have reluctantly returned at Lucas’s request to honor the anniversary of an event they would do anything to forget.

But what Lucas has in store for his guests is nothing like a candlelight vigil. Someone who was there that night remembers more than they’ll admit to, and Lucas has devised a little game to make them tell the truth.

Jemma believes she and Matt know nothing about what happened to that woman… but what if she’s wrong? Before you play a deadly game, make sure you can pay the price…

From the four-million-copy bestselling author of Sleep Tight comes a psychological thriller that will have you gripped until the last page. Perfect for fans of Something in the Water, The Woman in the Window and The Silent Patient.

Review: After reading the first book in the series, I was curious to see what the author had in store for us in this second volume.

Jemma’s life changed when she went to the wedding of her husband’s best friend, Matt, a year ago. Terrible things happened and after a glimpse of the present, we go back in time to discover the few days before Lucas and Nina’s wedding. We get to know Matt’s childhood friends that she didn’t know, but also everything he hid from her about his adolescence. And then there is Alex, a depressed young woman who wanders around like a ghost and that nobody seems to care about.

I had a great time with this novel. I was very curious to find out what happened. We get the truth before the end, but there are so many secrets that we are kept on our toes throughout the story.

I’m curious to see what’s next. Either way, I loved following Jemma. She is a great character!


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