Shadows by Suzanne Wright

Dark in You, Book 5

Synopsis: A match made in hell?

Devon and Tanner fight like… well, cats and dogs. Which makes sense since hellcats and hellhounds aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, their demons’ antipathy towards each other is matched only by the red-hot sexual tension between Tanner and Devon. It’s driving them – and their long-suffering friends Harper and Knox – mad.

When Devon is nearly kidnapped, Tanner’s protective instincts kick into overdrive – he’s sticking by her side, day and night. But staying so close means their hunger can no longer be denied . . . They know their demons won’t accept the match, but after one red-hot night they’ll fight to stay together as long as they can, even though shadows are gathering around them. Devon’s would-be kidnapper is still on the loose, a serial killer carrying rage from a twisted past threatens the lair and, most of all, Tanner and Devon are losing themselves to the heat between them. When this relationship goes up in flames, it could be a blaze that neither of them can walk away from . . .

Review : I had really enjoyed following Harper and Knox in the first four books and Tanner and Devon are two characters I loved discovering. So I was eager to discover the novel dedicated to them. How could I resist, when the two main characters are diametrically opposed from the start? They spend all their time sparring with each other! So yes, I was thrilled to finally get into it.

We discover from the beginning Devon, who has just been kidnapped. While she manages to save herself, she doesn’t know why someone is after her. Upon learning this, Tanner goes crazy and since he considers her under his protection, he is more than determined to figure out what is going on and protect her as best he can. And when you put an underworld cat and an underworld dog together: well, it makes for some big sparks!

I loved watching the two of them battle it out. They are irresistible! But we will also discover Devon’s past, all that she endured and it was very touching. I was a little disappointed, because there are still a lot of mistakes in the French version of this novel. But that’s just a detail. I’m very curious now to discover volume 6 about Khloe and Keenan.


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