The Ladies of Missalonghi by Colleen McCullough

Synopsis: The Hurlingford family have ruled the small town of Byron, nestled in the Blue Mountains, for generations. Wealthy, powerful and cruel, they get what they want, every time.

Missy Wright’s mother, a Hurlingford by birth, has been shunned by her family since marrying for love, not money. Now widowed, the women live a quiet existence in genteel poverty. Plain, thin and unforgivably single, it seems Missy’s life is destined to be dreary.

But then a stranger arrives in town. A divorcee from Sydney. And she opens Missy’s eyes to the possibility of a happy ending.

Review: I hadn’t tried this author before, but I was curious to discover her and dive into this novel.

Missy doesn’t have an easy life, especially since she’s already 33 years old. She lives with her mother and her aunt and she has long since lost hope of finding a husband. She is not very beautiful, she has no money and nothing to attract a man of the world. However, when an unknown man arrives in town, she falls under his spell. If Missy has always been submissive, she will finally assert herself and surprise everyone by taking her life into her own hands.

I did read the novel pretty fast, it’s not very thick. I was curious to find out what our dear Missy was going to do to get her life back on track, because it is far from easy.

A good discovery!


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