Fallen Academy: Year Three by Leia Stone

Fallen Academy, Book 3

Synopsis: It will take every ounce of strength and training Brielle has to survive year three. Meanwhile, Lincoln will also be fighting his own battle for survival. Each of them worlds apart.

Review: I had a good time with the first two volumes and I was curious to see what would happen to Brielle after the consequences of the previous novel.

Brielle is now in Hell and doesn’t know how to get out, especially since everyone on Earth thinks she’s dead. She has little hope and is constantly being watched. It’s not easy. Yet, our heroine doesn’t lose hope and may well find an unlikely ally.

I enjoyed discovering this novel. It was nice to see what Hell was really like and especially to see how our heroine would cope on her own. Many things are started and new problems appear. I’m quite curious to see how our heroes will deal with them!

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