Raised in Fire by K.F. Breene

Fire and Ice Trilogy, Book 2

Synopsis: It is a common truth in my life that when it rains, it pours.

The killings that once plagued New Orleans are cropping up again in Seattle. The local office is stumped. I’m called out to lend a fresh set of eyes, and my unique magical touch.

It’s only when I get there that I realize the Seattle office isn’t stumped at all.

They’re being silenced by the Mages’ Guild, a corrupt magical institution that doesn’t want word to get out of what is plaguing the city. Worse, news of my magic might’ve slipped down to the underworld, hitting the ears of some extremely powerful demons.

What I thought was a routine murder investigation turns into a fight for my life. With the help of Darius, my stalker elder vampire, and my dual-mage side kicks, I somehow have to dodge the Guild in order to stop one of the most powerful demons I’ve ever encountered. If I don’t? It’ll escape back down below with proof of what I really am.

My life hangs in the balance, and this time, I can’t see a way out.

Review: I had a great time with the first book and was looking forward to see al the characters again!

Reagan’s life is going to be completely turned upside down in this new book. Forced to quit her job, she’s going to be hired as a freelancer for a case in Seattle. But Callie and Dizzie know the details of this case and they leave our heroine no choice but to accompany her to help solve the terrible murders that are being committed. Well, they’re not the only ones because Darius is determined not to let our dear Reagan go without him and he’s going to be invaluable to her!

On top of all that, a demon is in town and seems to be looking for our heroine to prove that she is indeed Lucifer’s daughter and he’s willing to do anything to bring back proof and reap the rewards of his discovery!

I had a great time with this second volume. Reagan is a complex person but I love the duo she and Darius form. The truth is coming out, more and more people are learning who she really is, and I wonder what impact that will have on the rest!

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